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Could This Be The iCloud Login Page?

Could This Be The iCloud Login Page?

In light of the many recent rumors surrounding the ICloud service that Apple is expected to announce at WWDC, several sources have come forward with supposed screenshots of the login page.

It’s a matter of relative certainty that, come Monday, Apple will announce iCloud, and there are a plethora of rumors floating around to give you an idea about what it may and may not entail – but here’s one intriguing shot that @chpwn provided, claiming it to be the login page for iCloud from Apple’s internal server.

FunkySpaceMoney has also provided a similar shot, above, which is also claimed to be from Apple’s internal server. What’s interesting is the comparison between the two images – the positioning of the glare is a bit off, and the background gradient, while similar, is a bit different as well, meaning that there’s a good chance that (at least) one of these images is fake.

We’ll probably know for sure come Wednesday, but for you iCloud-hungry masses out there, I hope this will tide you over in the meantime.


  1. Fredrik Jackson says:

    Doesn’t look very Apple-ish, but I’d love to see something different from them.

    1. Ben Chaney says:

      It does look similar to the log in screen for me.com

      1. Fredrik Jackson says:

        Haven’t seen that before. It does look a little similar.

  2. Mb01915 says:

    They don’t need to advertise with folks like you trolling around and posting pseudo news

  3. M Antoniewicz says:

    It was confirmed fake last night…

  4. James says:

    They used the wrong font. Apple uses Myriad Pro semibold for ALL their titles. This is Myriad Pro normal. I highly doubt this is real. 

    1. James says:

      Also the ‘Sign In’ button is way too rounded for Apple’s likes. Doubt Apple’s designers can make such a huge mistake. 

    2. They actually use a custom variation of Myriad Pro called Myriad Apple.. you can download it free in a few places on the web

      1. James says:

        Right. It’s a slightly slightly heavier weight and spaced tighter than Myriad normal though Apple still uses semibold on their titles. 

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