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Digitimes: Apple Already Certifying Parts For iPad 3

Digitimes: Apple Already Certifying Parts For iPad 3

It never fails: the iPad 2 just came out, and already people are tossing around iPad 3 rumors. Today’s rumor: Digitimes reports that Apple is certifying display manufacturers for the display for the upcoming iPad 3, as well as other components.

LG and Samsung appear to be the current targets for the new display. Apple has reportedly also begun certifying other components for the iPad 3, and its said that many Taiwan-based manufacturers are scrambling to obtain component certifications. Some makers have already landed certification such as Radiant Opto-Electronics with LED backlight units, according to industry sources.

According to component makers, the timing for the launch of iPad 3 should be in 2012. Taiwan-based firms think iPad 2 will become the mainstream and Apple will lower its price to compete with other tablet PCs.

So far, Taiwan-based manufacturers for backlight models and light bars have received certification from Apple, but the certification of panels is reportedly still in progress.

There are a number of rumors flying around, such that the iPad 3 might be adopting AMOLED panels (which we reported on earlier), and that Apple Management (Tim Cook, reportedly) has been personally visiting Samsung to discuss this matter, however some sources have also claimed that this is unlikely.

So, is there much credit to any of these rumors? It’s quite unclear, although I do tend to agree that the iPad 3 will see a 2012 release rather than a mainstream release later this very year. As for the remainder of these rumors: take them for just that. We’ll keep the news coming as we hear it.

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  1. Jorge Silvestrini says:

    I guess we will see iPhone first – then iPad then the rest of old products revamped!

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