Exovault iPhone Case – An iPhone Case With Attitude

Exovault iPhone Case – An iPhone Case With Attitude

When I first picked up my Exovault case, my initial reaction was that I wouldn’t like this case. That sentiment continued when I put the case on and gripped my iPhone for the first time. It felt too bulky. Too tough. It basically turned my iPhone from feeling like an iPhone to feeling like a harddrive.

Amelia Biewald and Jonathan Schipper began creating iPhone cases around 2 years ago after they joked about how they could improve the iPhone’s appearance. They got to work to make cases for themselves but soon began to attract the attention of their friends who all wanted a case for their iPhones too. From there, Exovault was born.

The Exovault guys sent me the EX010 Rosewood model with aluminum casing for review. This case acts more as a shell and leaves all of the front of the iPhone 4 exposed while the back is covered by a smooth wooden insert with a carved out area that facilities the camera. The aluminum covers only the edges of the iPhone 4 allowing you to easily access the headphone port, volume controls, vibrate/silent switch, power button, USB port, and SIM card slot.

When I first held my iPhone 4 in an Exovault case it immediately transformed my iPhone to, well, something other than an iPhone. That might sound strange that a case can have such an effect but the sheer unique look and feel of the device was too overwhelming to ignore.

At this point in time I was still on the fence about whether or not I liked the Exovault case.

In order to attach the EXOVault case to my iPhone I had to use an Alan Key (provided in the package) to unscrew the case open. I then had to slot my iPhone 4 into the case and screw the the Exovault case tightly. There is absolutely no chance that the case will come loose. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. But it’s not going to be an issue for you 99.99% of the time.

It was only after a few days of using the Exovault case that I began warming to it.

People paid attention to my iPhone whenever I left it out in the open. I heard countless enquiries of “what’s that thing there?” in either a puzzled or curious tone while pointing to my iPhone. Most people didn’t even realize that under the metal and wood was in fact an iPhone 4. The thing with the Exovault case is that it completely changes the look, design, and feel of the iPhone 4. The wooden back makes it look like a hipster-esque camera while the metal frame give it a unique edge that covers the iPhone’s curved corner design.

Everybody that asked me about the case, loved it. They became memorized by the design and hypnotized when they gripped the case.

Guess what? I now love my Exovault case! Not only because of the exclusivity of owning a unique iPhone case but also because it is a beautifully crafted and designed case. It took me a few days to get used to my iPhone wearing the case and after the unfamiliarity wore off, I couldn’t imagine my iPhone 4 not wearing the Exovault case.

However, it’s far from perfect. Because the Exovault uses an aluminum case it will affect your reception. Amelia from Exovault explains that “the metal can affect the reception a little bit, but this usually only happens in areas where reception is poor anyway. One of the points of us making the new exo9 and exo10 cases was for the improved reception. The aluminum case gets anodized which makes it non-conductive electrically and there for a bit better with reception.”

I was also weary of the wooden finish and what might happen if the case were to become wet.

“The wood is treated on both sides with a sealer so slight moisture and a bit of rain shouldn’t harm it. Of course you wouldn’t want to have your iPhone out in a thunderstorm anyway! It is best to treat your case like a piece of furniture- normal use is just fine, but you wouldn’t put a nice wooden table in the shower, etc.”

And what about the heat from the iPhone, will that affect the Exovault case?

“The iPhone will not heat up enough to damage the wood at all. The wood and metal are much better at allowing the iPhone to cool than silicone cases as well. Silicone and plastic don’t breathe.”


The Verdict

It took me a good few days to get used to the case. I was not immediately taken aback by it but after a few days I feel in love. It was a tough love in every sense of the word. The Exovault’s unique appearance is a result of exceptional design engineering and high quality craftsmanship.

The Exovault is the case your iPhone 4 deserves.

However, that exclusivity comes at a price. The above case will set you back $155 and that might be a bit too expensive for some.

Rating: 4.5/5


  • Beautiful minimal & simple design
  • Turns your ordinary iPhone into a unique iPhone
  • You will make your friends jealous
  • Adds a touch of class to an already brilliant phone
  • People will think you’re rich!


  • $155 is a touch expensive (but that adds to the exclusivity too)
  • Adds a little bit of weight (that’s expected)
  • Tiny reception issue