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Google Releases New Flash To HTML5 Converter, Wants To Save Us From Flash Forever

Google Releases New Flash To HTML5 Converter, Wants To Save Us From Flash Forever

Google’s Labs page has recently added an experimental new tool for web developers that helps them to convert their Flash content to HTML5. The new tool, called Swiffy, could make a lot more flash content available on iOS devices.

Google even admits this themselves – On the Google Labs description of Swiffy, Google says that Swiffy allows you to “reuse Flash content on devices without a Flash player (such as iPhones and iPads)”. While, at first glance, it might appear strange that Google, sworn epic enemy of Apple (not really) is doing this, it’s also worth considering that Google is invested in HTLM5 for their own reasons.

Swiffy reportedly does a fairly decent job in its conversion task – It’s already been tried on several simple Flash animations, and converts them over rather well, with the exception of files that contained certain custom fonts, which found their text magically missing.

While this is still a far way from being able to port complicated Flash projects, such as games, it’s certainly a step in the right direction, and fortunately, it’s actively being worked upon by the smart people at Google.

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  1. Masher says:

    great news 😀

  2. Nycafe2006 says:


  3. Curtis Wiens says:

    Its clear that there are far too many people with very limited actual knowledge about how web development works chiming in on this HTML5/Flash conversation. If there was an article on a new form of constructing buildings would you feel qualified to give your opinion this too? Like other Flash Designers and Developers I look at it from the standpoint of getting things done. I really like what HTML5 has to offer but its huge headache right now, very fragmented and there is no real IDE. Flash brought the web to life and created the impulse for better HTML. Its lame that its taking this long. Its 2011 and we now have limited support for a tag. YEAH!, but there is no video format standard… I love the fact that Google is developing this tool and I hope it is not in BETA for 5 years. This is a very worth while project and of all the crazy things that Google has dumped money into over the years this makes more sense then most. But right now its an EXTREMELY limited tool that only supports a language that was replaced 5 years ago. Its a tiny baby step in the right direction. Acting like its something more is just silly. This is a complex issue.

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