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New Tool Ports XBox 360 Games To iOS And Mac

New Tool Ports XBox 360 Games To iOS And Mac

An intriguing new project being developed by programmer Andrew Russell might pave the pay for easily porting XBox 360 games to iOS, OS X, and even Android. The software. The project, called ExEn, is designed to bridge the gap XBox code and that of other platforms.

The new project, brought to light by BGR, is still a work in progress, but is already available as a free and open-source project that anyone can download, use, or improve. It’s still missing some features at the moment, and is undoubtedly buggy, it’s still a great start for any XBox developers to make some extra cash by swiftly porting to other platforms.

The possibility that I find most intriguing regards the future of gaming on iOS – the more interest there gets to be among developers in the iOS platform, the more cross-platform games we are going to see for iOS – and there are many XBox 360 games that would take excellent advantage of the iPhone 4 and iPad 2s excellent graphics capabilities.

If you’re a developer, and have interest in this new tool, you can find more information (as well as download links) over at Russell’s webpage.


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