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New York Post Blocks iPad Safari, Forces Purchase Of App

New York Post Blocks iPad Safari, Forces Purchase Of App

The New York Post has apparently blocked users of Mobile Safari from accessing their website, instead directing them to purchase the $2 New York Post iOS app and a monthly subscription. This type of pay wall enforcement tactic is becoming all too common.

Curiously, the Post isn’t targeting all mobile device users – only iPad owners using Mobile Safari, remaining open to iPhone, iPod Touch, and all non-Apple devices. It even works using 3rd-party browsers on the iPad. Users of Mobile Safari for the iPad, on the other hand, are being greeted with the following message:

Thanks for coming! NYPOST.com editorial content is now only accessible on the iPad through the New York Post App. If you are a current New York Post App subscriber, please visit the App Store and download the latest version to access NYPOST.com through the INDEX. If you are not a current New York Post App user and would like to subscribe, please download from the App Store. Thank you.

This, in all likelihood, is just the first step in blocking access from all mobile devices without paying, although right now it certainly seems to be an unfair and very specific targeting of iPad users. The Post has neither issued any statement on the matter, nor are they responding to requests for statements or more information.

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  1. Michael Gerards says:

    Hi there. I am from Germany and the German “Bild” just did the same a couple of mounths ago. Did I buy their app? Of course not. Will I start reading the print version? NO.
    All I can say to those greedy mony loving people is: I won’t ever buy your product again.
    Those companies should realize, that they are not losing money through mobile readers but by becoming greedy.
    You did not only lose my money but furthermore my sympathy. And that’s it.

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