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  • Review: Burn Zombie Burn-Burn Some Time With This Survival Shooter For Mac

Review: Burn Zombie Burn-Burn Some Time With This Survival Shooter For Mac

Review: Burn Zombie Burn-Burn Some Time With This Survival Shooter For Mac

As soon as you start playing Burn Zombie Burn, an arcade style shooter, you’ll notice the style of gameplay similar to Geometry Wars or Warblade. Developed by Doublesix, Burn Zombie Burn has a sort of nostalgia of an old monster movie. In Burn Zombie Burn you play Bruce, a tough guy with a tough attitude, as he tries to survive and at the same time keeping Daisy alive. In BZB, Bruce has access to a wide variety of weapons as he fights off hordes of zombies.

What’s different about Burn Zombie Burn than other survival zombie games is that one of the main ways to kill zombies is to set them on fire, but as you set them on fire, they become faster and the fire will spread to the other zombies they run into, and eventually you, if you’re not fast enough.


Burn Zombie Burn is a really challenging game. Even on the easiest difficulty, the zombies nearly cover the whole map. Just when you thin you’re almost in the clear, they come out of nowhere waiting to attack. There are a good amount of features in burn Zombie Burn including a wide array of enemies including exploding zombies and armored zombies, a large number of weapons such as bats, chainsaws, lawnmowers, ans the signature weapon, the flamethrower. BZB also has 6 play arenas, three game modes including defend Daisy, Timed, and Play Free. the gameplay is similar to Resident Evil int the fact that you can shoot and run, which is always a fan favorite.


The sound in Burn Zombie Burn is great. The one-liners from Bruce are always a laugh. The sound effects from the zombies sound good as well. They react well to getting shot at, and you can tell that from the sound effects of the zombies moaningĀ  and so fourth. The background music is fast paced rock, which helps the game move along quicker. The weapons sound really good, even the flamethrower and the sound of the bat swinging sounds realistic.


One particular thing that bought my attention to Burn Zombie Burn are the controls, yes there’s your typical keyboard/mouse controls, but with BZB you can download an app, BZB Gamepad, free on the App Store. With the app, you can use it as a gamepad to play Burn Zombie Burn on your Mac through Wi-Fi. It’s a great feature. It’s really creative. This is probably the first game on the Mac App Store that I’ve seenĀ  which has a gamepad for the game itself. I think a lot more developers should really use this to their advantage. It’s a good change of pace from a keyboard and mouse.


Burn Zombie burn is a lot better than I had imagined. It’s one of the more challenging games I have played on the Mac App Store, which isn’t a bad thing. It’s a good time waster and a great arcade survivor/shooter. As I mentioned using the BZB Gamepad gives the game a whole new dimension of control. It has some replay value, but with 6 play arenas, it may get old quick for some. If you’re a zombie fan, you’ll certainly be a fan of Burn Zombie Burn.

Rating: 3.5/5 ($9.99 Mac App Store Link)


  • Wide variety of weapons
  • Fun arcade style gameplay
  • BZB Gamepad as Controls


  • Graphics can be a little sharper
  • Only 3 game modes