Review: Paper Munchers: Devour Your Way Through This Great Puzzler

Review: Paper Munchers: Devour Your Way Through This Great Puzzler

From the creators of the mega hit Burn the Rope, comes Paper Munchers. Developed by Big Blue Bubble Inc.,Paper Munchers brings a cool simple physics game to Mac OSX. In this addictive puzzle game, the basic premise of the is to get the monsters into the munchers mouths. The more same color monsters you get into the corresponding munchers mouths, the more bombs you’ll get to use in that level.


Paper Munchers will have you hooked for hours. This game has 75 beautiful levels, with more coming in a future update. I played through about half the levels and I never got tired of it. I was hooked the whole time. You would think, because Paper Munchers is such a simple game, the levels would be all similar and you might end up getting bored. That’s not the case at all here. The physics in Paper Munchers are also great as you would expect in any game on the App Store. When placing a bomb to knock the monsters off the platform, the monsters land where you’d expect them too.


There are also five beautiful paper craft worlds, which look really nice on any screen, whether you’re playing on an idevice or a Mac. The different worlds and the backgrounds remind me a lot like the ones of Little Big Planet.  Both the monsters and the paper munchers look great as well. The animations of the munchers and the monsters are very well done.


The sound in Paper Munchers is a lot of fun to listen to. Specifically when the munchers get a hold of the monsters, they make a really distinct chomping or “nom nom nom” sound effect, which always sounds satisfying when the munchers chomp enough monsters. The background music flows well throughout gameplay, menu and level select screens. Even the bombs that you use to blow away the monsters sound really good.


Paper Munchers is one of the most fun physics games I’ve played from the Mac App Store. It’s really addicting and a blast to play. No matter if you’re just trying to waste time or want to play through a certain world, you’ll really enjoy playing it and have a hard time putting it down. All five worlds are great to look at, as are the monsters and munchers. There are a whole lot of levels, which never get old. All in all, Paper Munchers is the best physics game I’ve played this year by far. Don’t pass this one up.

Rating: 5/5 ($3.99 Mac App Store Link)


  • 75 challenging puzzles plus more coming in a future update
  • 5 beautiful worlds
  • Physics are really done well


  • Could use a few more worlds