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Safari 5.1 Beta Gets Awesome New Download Manager

Safari 5.1 Beta Gets Awesome New Download Manager

The browser battle is heating up – The Safari 5.1 developer beta is pretty impressive, but one of the less-obvious notable features of Safari 5.1 beta is a new iOS-inspired download manager.

In prior versions of Safari, starting a download results in a disembodied pop-up downloads video that easily gets lost behind your browser windows. No more. In Safari 5.1 beta, our source reports, as soon as a download starts, a nice little icon pops up next to the search bar. Clicking on it reveals a beautiful iPad-like drop down window detailing your past and current downloads.

I am loving the looks of the new download manager, but really, it’s only one of many improvements in Safari 5.1 beta, with performance enhancements, specifically in the HTML 5 area, taking the lead in the improvements.

  1. Concanon24-lists says:

    Awesome? Really?

    Huh, maybe it’s just me, but I find it rather naff and kinda useless. 

    For sure, the old one was hardly a thing of beauty but it was totally functional. That “disembodied pop-up that easily gets lost” never got lost on my Mac. It was easy to call up via a simple keyboard shortcut or via the Window menu and was way above any other browser I have used in terms of both looks and functionality. Better yet, on any widescreen Mac you could just drag it to one side and keep it in view at all times. 

    Thirdly, I rather value being able to individually delete single items from my download history; sometimes because I accidentally started a download twice, sometimes because I started a DL I didn’t intend to and sometimes because I just downloaded something I didn’t want anybody else to see… (don’t tell me you never did). To be honest, I still miss the ability to individually remove Recent Items from the Apple Menu, and that went out 10 years ago with OS9 !

    Whatever the reason, the user should have control over what gets removed from history and what gets kept. That’s why it’s called a Manager – so the user can manage things… but with the new DL manager you clear ’em all or you leave ’em all until they start getting kicked out by new items. Less choice, not more… just wrapped up in bubblegum. It’s Mac OX for dummies.

    Can somebody please tell Steve that some of us don’t use IOS devices and are happy to keep it that way!

    1. Rudolf Mittelmann says:

      this just isn’t true – you can select a row in the new Download Manager just as in the old and then press the Delete key just as in the old Safari, and just that selected item will be cleared out as it should. Nothing new here, not less choice… 
      But I agree to your last sentence, as I am using a Nokia N900. Leaving out iSync I could not sync my phone. But luckily it was possible to restore iSync via TimeMachine.

    2. djames04 says:

      Completely Agreed!

      Give me the option to drag the download button out and pop it out. I much rather it as a separate window!

      I hate how spaces is gone. I was used to going to hot corner on the top right and dragging the spaced/apps around. Also I was used to quickly selecting the spaces I wanted to.. it was such a habit, but now I have to learn new habits. NO GOOD! I should have the choice of doing it the way I was used to.

      iOS and OSX should NOT be mixed together. iOS is a limited OSX, why limit OSX to match iOS? Not smart. Hate it. I want Leopard back.

    3. Lymis says:

      Count me as another person who liked to keep the downloads window open and in view while I was doing other things – dual monitors made that easy. When I had a long download or a series of them, it was nice to be able to be doing something else entirely and be able to glance over and see the progress. This is not awesome – it’s a total pain. Now I have to interrupt, switch back to safari, and open the downloads. 

      Bad move. We’re not all working on the limited workspace of an iPhone. 

      Give it as an option. Let it tear off and be a separate window, or give us the downloads window back but don’t open it by default any more (or make that an option.)

  2. GIve me the option of popping out the download window! I want to watch the progress while I do other stuff! Seems so obvious, yet…

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