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Screenshot of New iOS 5 Notification Bar

iOS 5 Notifications BarA screenshot of a new iOS 5 notification bar has emerged ahead of Steve Jobs’ WWDC Keynote address today. It certainly looks real. What do you think?

Cult of Mac notes that the notification bar keeps in line with Apple’s current iOS user interface guidelines “associated with tethering, Skype and voice recording.” The screenshot also alludes to the rumored deep Twitter integration and a new camera app icon.

MG Siegler of TechCrunch further notes the credibility of screenshot:

Before you go yelling “fake” on the obvious things, a couple notes. First of all, yes, 11:54 PM is in the future (as of his post) — in the United States. But if the Weather app is to be believed, this is clearly a European version of iOS (note the 23 degrees Celsius in the icon instead of 72 degree Fahrenheit as you would see in the U.S.).

Either someone has good Photoshop skills, or this is the new notification bar in iOS 5. Jobs will let us know at 10 am Pacific today.

via TechCrunch

  1. Charlie Reeves says:

    It’s only 11:46. So the clock must be out. Also has the camera icon changed?

    1. @google-f39f5191d3c06b05369b5a2da74fc6d8:disqus You’ll note that MG Siegler pointed these items out already, which I quoted in the article.

  2. Cb says:

    Fake. I have the exact same camera icon with a jailbreak theme.

  3. Eric says:

    The font is wrong. Fake.

  4. Eric says:

    The font is wrong. Fake.

  5. Why would someone bother change the camera icon if they wanted it to appear real?

  6. Cool says:

    Fake. It does have something similar but this is fake. Since iOS 4, the Facetime icon has changed. But in this photo, the Facetime icon is still green.

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