Apple’s Order Status Page Just Got Sexier

Apple’s Order Status Page Just Got Sexier

Last night, the Apple store went down for maintenance. When it resurfaced, all of the Mac-related stock images had been updated to reflect OS X Lion. More interesting, however, is the sexy new design of Apple’s new Order Status page!

In addition to making the order information and tracking more visually appealing, it’s also more functional and easier to use. The old blue and white order status pages displaying purchased items by part number have been replaced with a much more understandable design.

The new pages feature a look and feel much more reflective of Web 2.0, as the product images have been revamped, as well as the graphical buttons for returning and pre-signing for your shipments.

Further, there’s now a new drop-down menu attached to each item with quick, easy access to links for returning orders and re-printing your sales invoice. Items are now also presented with their full formal product names (like MacBook Air, 11-Inch) rather than the significantly less appealing short codes (like MBAir 11.6 CTO.”

The changes aren’t live for everyone yet, but are available for the majority of the US, Canada, and Mexico.