iPhone 5 May Gain Blinking LED Indicator

iPhone 5 May Gain Blinking LED Indicator

There have been a lot of interesting rumors surrounding the iPhone 5, but this might be one of the more unique. According to a recent report, the iPhone 5 might gain a special front-mounted LED that will be used for notifications.

This is partially based on the fact that iOS 5 enables the ability to use the iPhone’s flash for various system alerts – a function that isn’t that useful when the LED is mounted on the back. But if there were a separate LED on the front, there could be an intriguing possibility.

While I’ve admittedly never used a phone that has such an indicator (apparently some BlackBerry models use this functionality), I have a hard time imagining how it would really be very useful. I suppose it could notify you about a missed call or an unread text…but how would this be better than a proper software notification system?

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  1. Sam Clothier says:

    this is a awesome feature and it is the only cool feature apart from bbm on blackberrys, especially when you set a blue flash for facebook notifications, a green flash for texts from mates, pink flash from your lover, and so forth it is awesome i hope this comes to the iphone 5 even though my contract is for another 18 months 🙁

  2. Bob says:

    I could definitely live without it…

  3. Tarek93 says:

    I think it’s going to be nice, especially with the iMessage. Don’t you think ?

  4. Rob Spicer says:

    My old Nokia N96 had a similar feature and I found it very handy, you just had to glance at your phone to see if you had any notifications rather then taking the phone out of standby..

  5. I lust this all the time on my Motorola Droid.  Its great when your phone is on silent.

  6. Jerry says:

    On my Blackberry, it’s frustrating and annoying. Mostly because of flaws in the OS which make it blink non-stop..

  7. Isabel says:

    Before reading this, I forgot that every phone I owned before my iPhone(s) had this – shows I could live without it but I think it’s a helpful addition.. wouldn’t have to press the lock/home button to manually check the lockscreen for notifications you missed.

  8. j3w7lm says:

    it’s not exactly a big deal, but i would love to have it, provided there are apps that enables us to choose different colors for different types of notifications. eg. blue for twitter, green for whatsapp. my blackberry has that app and it’s amazing.

    1. Félix Guerrero says:

      I’m not sure about the green color for whatsapp, remember iMessage. Maybe blue for Email and red for Calendar.

  9. SB says:

    don’t need it and can live without it. But not against it. Not a deal breaker.

  10. Kaynecarpenter says:

    Doesn’t hurt to have the option. Some of us don’t like having our entire screen light up for everything. This is much more subtle, and if you don’t want it, you simply don’t use it.

  11. Anonymous says:

    This is one of the best features ever on a phone, IMO.  I have been using Blackberries for several years even though I am a Mac guy, and one of the reasons I hang onto it is this light and it’s capabilities.  I have an app called BeBerry (was BerryBuzz) that customizes the LED for whatever you want.  You can set a color for an email inbox, a person, certain apps (like my weather app for Special conditions).  You can make it one color, two colors right after one another, or “disco” which is a quick blink, one or more colors.  The great thing about this is when I walk away from my phone, when I look at it the next time, I can tell if I got a work email I need to check, or a personal one I can wait on.  I have special colors set up for certain contacts as well, so I know if it was the boss or one of my friends who just texted me.  It’s something I use on the BB every day 100 times, and as I said is one of the handiest features available on a phone.

    @ Jerry, sorry, no idea what your issue is, haven’t heard of that on a Blackberry before. 

  12. Nick says:

    could be very useful if used correctly

  13. The author definitely has not used a phone with a LED notifier before.  It’s very simple, it tells you there is something that needs your attention without you having to grab and wake the screen every minute to see if you missed a text or email.  WM phones used to have it and BBs of today use it.  

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