Lion Install Issues Beginning To Surface

Lion Install Issues Beginning To Surface

I’m sure that most in-the-loop Mac users out there were thrilled at the release of OS X Lion, and it seems that most people were able to upgrade without any trouble. Some users, however, are having a lot of trouble installing Lion, with many error messages and issues plaguing their experiences.

The Apple Support Community is currently receiving a large number of complaints in which users receive the following error message when they try to install Lion: “This disk cannot be used to start up your computer.” Not good.

Normally, I’d suspect that the drive or partition they were attempting to install Lion on was not correctly formatted, but this appears not to be the case. Apple support representatives are reportedly telling users to run disk repair, and then doing a “clean” repair through the Snow Leopard install disc. But then, since they’d already launched the Lion installer (which disappears from the Applications folder once you run it), the Mac App Store shows that they have already installed Lion, and wont let them re-downloaded it.

Most users with this issue appear to have multiple partitions on their hard drives, which could be contributing to the problem, and users who are using Boot Camp to maintain a Windows or Linux install on their Mac have reported problems with the upgrade as well.

Some users have encountered different hard drive problems related to S.M.A.R.T., or Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology. These users have been met with errors stating that a disk has S.M.A.R.T. errors that cannot be repaired when attempting to install Lion.

In most of these cases, the users contacted Apple Support and followed instructions, but often still weren’t able to resolve their issues with the upgrade. Further, many of the issues seem to be with users installing Lion on iMacs.

Lastly, another category of users are reporting issues with the Mac App Store, in which a “process problem” error causes the Mac App Store not to recognize a prior purchase of Lion when attempting to install Lion Server on a second machine, forcing these users to needlessly purchase a second copy of Lion. Fortunately, however, it appears that Apple is swiftly granting refunds for the duplicate purchase.

With Lion being the first version of OS X to be distributed only digitally through the Mac App Store, it’s unsurprising that there have been a few quirks with the transition. I just hope that Apple gets to the bottom of this soon, as problems like this are never fun for customers to deal with.

Have any of you encountered problems while trying to upgrade to Lion? Let us know in the comments.

  1. Other users have a problem with the internet network, and I’m one of them. Simply before installin Lion we were able to surf on the net and use other apps that need an internet connection. But after installing Lion, although it recognizes the Wi-Fi connection and stays connected, it’s like if there is no internet, but in some apps it works like  Spotify in my case. So it’s impossible to update anything, use Safari or go to the Mac App Store. It’s like if you hadn’t internet, but Lion can connect to your router, ethernet or your iPhone shared connection; and in a Windows partition made with Bootcamp internet works perfectly. I called to Apple and they are still investigating, but how many time can we stay without internet in our computers?

  2. Gene says:

    I had no problems with the update itself – but Mail does seem a bit ‘buggy’ with the cursor jumping 2 or 3 lines when you press return

  3. Blackarachnid88 says:

    Pressed install from the Mac App store however it is just sat on WAITING for the last hour with no progress on the status bar. 🙁

    1. That happened to me too. I cancelled the download and restarted it and it seemed to start downloading immediately.

  4. Tom says:

    Performed a CLEAN Lion Install on a Dual Processor Mac Pro w/ 16GB RAM – Single Partition – Overall Result: Lion seems to run slower than Snow Leopard, Does NOT Support my existing 3ware Sidecar External SCSI 3TB Enclosure – shame to lose all that much External Video / Photo Storage 🙁 

    1. Basimon says:

      Oh, it’s worse than that, like my ethernet connection is running really slow, only computer in the house to run slow, automator workflows won’t connect to the nas shares, and who knows what else.  

      1. Tom says:

        I hope Apple addresses these issues, I give it a month & if nothing if fixed then I’m going back to Snow Leopard – with Lion now my Canon EOS 5D isn’t supported nor my 3TB 3ware External Sidecar (NAS) – it looks like both Canon & 3ware (LSI) didn’t write any Lion support drivers or software so I can’t blame it all on Apple – Growing PAINS!!!

  5. Maestrojeff says:

    This install process is a complete pile of shit.  

    1. cocopuf says:

      You would think that Apple would have done a series of tests under different situation before releasing Lion? Maybe they did but … you know how it is with Murphy’s Law.

  6. Nina says:

    Install on 2007 macbook from Snow Leopard seemed to go fine. Turned it off and went to work. Started it up, got to login screen, loaded my home screen, then crashed. I tried several times, but as soon as the home screen is loaded, it crashes. Started up from back-disk and ran Verify Disk on the hard drive, and it says it seems fine. Not sure what I should do now….

  7. I really like being able to move backward and forward through pages on my web browser with the three finger swipe, left for back and right for forward. Is there any way to get that back?

    1. it works with one finger, now.  Seems to be a considerable improvement.

  8. Ed Bullard says:

    I had the SMART error.  I didn’t contact support but instead asked for a refund.  I doubt that there is really a problem with the hard drive.  Hopefully Apple will get the problems fixed and I will try again.

  9. Mike Davis says:

    My boot camp partition is missing in action.

  10. This is the first time I have purchased a Mac OS at launch and it will be the last. Downloading and then installing this has been such a pain in the ass. 4 hours later and I still don’t have it installed.

    1. cocopuf says:

      I recommend you install leopard and use it for a while. It’s a great OS all around. 

  11. Petertucker21 says:

    Hi I,m unable to install because Lion installer thinks my Internal drive is for Time Machine and remains Dimmed and inoperable .

    My external IS for Time Machine

  12. Bonjour doesn’t work; XBMC can’t find my shares!

  13. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been trying to install Lion on my mini since early launch day, as I was one of the first to make the purchase.

    Sadly the entire process has been frustration after frustration. I don’t have any of the issues listed. The 10.6.8 Installer does its thing, reboots and into what I assume is actual installer (a pseudo Recovery Tool mount at the root of my hard drive. I select the installer it repeats what the 10.6.8 installer did and reboots… back into the pseudo Recovery Tool, attempt to run the Installer again throws up an error message.

    I don’t have any special “things” going on with my system. Disk Utility reports my S.M.A.R.T Status is “Verified” I have 1 and only 1 partition… the RAM is maxed out…

    I’ve downloaded Lion 6 times now, even tried to create a DVD installer and a flash drive installer all leading to the same end. Finally I gave up, backed up my entire 10.6.8 HD, repartitioned it, reinstalled 10.6, ran the 10.6.8 combo updater, downloaded Lion yet again and once again the installer failed.

    I’m about ready to make a Genius Bar and if they can’t get it to install request a refund.

    1. Frank Elgar says:

      This sounds a lot like my experience with trying a DVD install of Lion onto my late ’09 iMac. I must have burned through an entire months quota of bandwith from my ISP in one frustrating weekend, downloading the install program from the app store again and again. I also tried the DVD ‘clean install’ method but that didn’t work either. I must have reformatted my HD and tried the install process about 20 times. There is nothing wrong with my HD.  Its S.M.A.R.T status was verified. No read errors. All permissions fixed and verified.  But each time, the system failed to continue the install process following the reboot.  Every attempt ended at the Mac utilities pane. 

      In the end I gave up on the install. I finally managed to put Lion onto my iMac by cloning the drive of another iMac at work onto an external HD using Carbon Copy Cloner (not Time Machine).  I then booted the iMac from the install DVD, started up Disk Utility and ‘recovered’ the entire disk image from the external HD to the iMac. 

      In theory I thought I would like the convienence of downloading an OS directly from the mac app store, but now I see some problems with this.

  14. Pdcltd says:

    I’m a fanboy but oh dear, this time apple didn’t “just work”.  I tried installing Lion but got error message that my hard disk was corrupt/damaged.  With the installer running, I couldn’t just quit and go back to Snow leopard to try a fix.  Infinite installer loop.  I then ran disk warrior to ‘fix’ the corrupt HD. (which was never a problem before).  whoops, that ma have fixed the disk but it made it invisible and so now lion couldn’t ‘see’ a disk to install onto.  When I managed to ‘fix this’ then the error message was that my hard disk was ‘locked’ and couldn’t be written to.  I booted up from snow leopard and now I’m back to ‘normal’.  I have a big deadline job for next two weeks so may wait until after then to retry.  My first and worst mac install/upgrade horror.  Hopefully the last.  i still love them though 🙂

  15. Mike says:

    I had five user accounts on my iMac. After installing Lion, I have two accounts, one for my son’s babysitter and a guest account I can no longer log into. No administrator account appears. Epic Apple fail.

  16. Obhur says:

    yes, i have upgraded to lion, but was hoping for a clean install. so i decided to format my computer and re-install a clean mac os lion.

    To do so I have to download the installer again (for some reaon), but this is not the problem. The problem when the download almost finishes, I get a box saying “Are you sure you want to cancel?” then gives me two options to “cancel” or “cancel downloads”. Clearly this is a bug from the apple server. I tried this more than 35 times and still the same thing. when you try to re-download the file, sometimes it freeses and you have to re-start the computer.

    I am stuck now with a computer without an OS in it, and I cannot install Lion even though I purchased it.

    i called cutomer support and they told me they get some of these complaints and that I download the installer file again, from another mac onto a USB drive, then insert it into my computer, boot from the USB blah blah blah…. I use mac because it is simple.

    Looks like we are having a VISTA desaster again (this time in apple), already heard many people wanting to downgrade back to snow leopard.

    Is this the start of the downfall of apple?

    if anyone can find a solution for this do post. I am starting to thingk I should install Linux Ubuntu on my MacBook Pro and forget Mac OS Lion all together. What do you think?

  17. Duncan Hata says:

    I installed with no problem, but now when i want to update some of my apps via the app store, i can’t they just end up saying something like…..Hash mismatch or server error….Im waiting for an update for 10.7 as it does seem a tiny bit gltichy 

    1. Tim Riggs says:

      This may sound obvious but delete the apps from your HD and click back into the app store – the apps you have purchased will now show you have purchased them and give you an option to install again on your mac. Install them and you should have no problems. I had one or two after downloading Lion and found this work-around sorted out the problem. Some of the older apps are not geared to run on Lion but I feel sure that they will be upgrading them and enabling them to do so. Hope that helps

      1. Screwyou says:

        Great now Apple is controling what I can and cant use on MY COMPUTER !

  18. Kap says:

    After entering my payment information in the app store and clicking “done”, I’m redirected to the same page with the error message “We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later”. So, I’ve no idea if I’m going encounter problems with Lion, but I am with the App Store.

    1. Twiisted says:

      Bet they didnt have a problem takgin your money!!!

  19. i can download lion but it won’t go past checking “macintosh HD” the status bar just does the blue and white barber pole thing. Any ideas?

    1. Tim Riggs says:

      This may help…. although not ideal… If you can take it to an Apple Store they will use their fast servers to download it for you. Checked this out with my local store here in the UK. Sounds to me like a ISP problem.

    2. Andrew Capon says:

      I get the same, did you find a solution?

  20. downloaded no problem to my mac book pro. Problem is it won’t install. I can’t seem to get past the checking “macintosh HD” part, it just does the blue and white barber pole thing on the status bar. Any ideas? 

  21. Martin says:

    On my 4th attempt to install on my test machine here – mid 2009 MBP. Every time the installer has done its stuff, completes the install and restarts in 10.7, but all I get is a completely blank desktop with cursor. No menu bar, no icons, no dock, no keyboard functions do anything. Same result booting from Lion backup DVD, direct download from App Store, or via the recovery partition. Total utter crap.

  22. Riggsy says:

    Major disappointment regarding airdrop not working on older macs. There’d is a work around though so I suppose that is a bot of good news. You can get a free app from the Mac app store called drop copy. This works in exactly the same way as airdrop.
    One question I have to ask though is if this app works on all macs regardless of age why can’t apple enable this new airdrop? It’s the same idea, same process and any file can be moved from one Mac to another providing you are on your home network. Come on apple, play the game.. Let’s see one of your tweaks on one of many of your updates to enable this very popular function. After all you have many faithful followers many of which cannot afford to have the latest all singling all dancing macs… I am hoping that in the many updates to follow that apple will think about this and make the necessary changes.. Fingers crossed

  23. JamesDemo says:

    After a circle of bull, Apple said the problem was: it would not recognize my serial number. Finally purchased then they issued a refund. BUT THEN- can not see the pictures when watching TV – Bloomberg news plus others – ONLY SOUND! Apple says ADOBE FLASH is the problem. Work around I discovered: Works only using “FIREFOX” and DO NOT INSTALL THE plug in when prompted with Firefox. Will not work with safari or chrome. 

  24. Braunsk1 says:

    I have one of the original Aluminum dual core iMacs, and I downloaded Lion, and the whole process took about 45 minutes from download to complete install. It went perfectly, and I have found none of the problems which I see people having on this site. All of my advanced functions are working and all 7 of my external drives are not having problems. Wazzup ?

  25. Markygill says:

    Went to Install Lion on my MB Air, after purchasing and installing on my MacMini (home Computer) The APP store AHS NO RECORD!!  Very frustrating indeed !!Same prob as your notes below :::Lastly, another category of users are reporting issues with the Mac App Store, in which a “process problem” error causes the Mac App Store not to recognize a prior purchase of Lion when attempting to install Lion Server on a second machine, forcing these users to needlessly purchase a second copy of Lion. Fortunately, however, it appears that Apple is swiftly granting refunds for the duplicate purchase.With Lion being the first version of OS X to be distributed only digitally through theMac App Store, it’s unsurprising that there have been a few quirks with the transition. I just hope that Apple gets to the bottom of this soon, as problems like this are never fun for customers to deal with.Have any of you encountered problems while trying to upgrade to Lion? Let us know in the comments.

  26. rob says:

    Certainly I have had a lot of problems updating my imac from Leopard 10.6.8 to the new OSX Lion. The first time I got my mac crashed and I couldn’t start my system from Lion. Fortunately I had a back up from time machine. 
    After that I thought it was a problem of the download so I manage to download the Install of Lion again. This time I tried the installation of Lion twice times all of them unsucessful. I am  tired trying with so many problems and as It has taken me to many hours and days trying this installation I prefer to keep my old Leopard Sistem wich is quite a lot more reliable. Perhaps in the future apple will fix this but by the time I need to work with my mac and not experimenting troubles from lion

    1. Quoc Nguyen says:

      I had no problems installing Lion onto a unibody Macbook, and an older Macbook Pro, but so far, have utterly failed to get any success with my iMac 11. I am very frustrated, and definitely have a few more grey hairs… I love(d) my iMac so much!

    2. Quoc Nguyen says:

      I had no problems installing Lion onto a unibody Macbook, and an older Macbook Pro, but so far, have utterly failed to get any success with my iMac 11. I am very frustrated, and definitely have a few more grey hairs… I love(d) my iMac so much!

  27. Gingernielson says:

    ARRRRRGGGGHHH…. After downloading the upgrade the error message appeared one third through the install….  Download corrupted or tampered with on download.
    I trashed the app, emptied the trash and redownloaded from the upgrade APP site.
    Same problem. This has been repeated 4 times with 4 downloads. Each time I turned off the iMac and restarted before the next download. The downloads take about 20 min.  Since July 20 until today the 25th I have had contact with APPLE support three times, iTunes support as many times and still no one has a solution.  One saavy tech suggested I reinstall the entire Leopard system.  I am not going to oblige them since I could lose a ton of data I have worked on over the past week alone.   On the plus side. Apple did not recharge me for the successive downloads….it is just that none of them have completed installation past one third of the way.

    I read that others kept trying and after something like 16 attempts the upgrade installed.

    I am not going to continue the frustration and don’t want to pay three times as much for a USB stick in August.

    1. Have you tried downloading Apple’s latest supplemental update for 10.6.8?  Also, you can use a program like the free Onyx to clear out all your OS X caches, which often helps.

  28. Carloyane says:

    Can’t connect to internet browser Safari. Mail won’t load anything, neither Ical. 
    However Skype works perfectly fine, so I know its not my provider or router.
    Tried everything. I do not have AVAST.

  29. Ripped off says:

    This is just another disaster by the so called MAC experts! They released this crap and had no idea that there would be this many problems? Every person I know who downloaded this is having problems. There is one person below who hasnt and they ahve an older system, jokes on us, obviously they use old systems to test MAC OS. It took me 4 days to download and nearly all my apps I use regularly wont even open! Great job…  I will never prchase another Apple Product…  Ripoff!

  30. Twiisted says:

    RIP OFF!!!!  Took 4 days to download…  Now my Apps dont work!!!

  31. Fhlhsfo says:

    S.M.A.R.T Failure while trying to install Lion on 24″ IMAC.

  32. Paul says:

    Yes, I have encountered some problems installing LIon on the 4 MacBook Pro dual core’s we use. One install went slick as a whistle, another 2 (one with a Bootcamp partition) took a little time using disk utility, MacKeeper and Clean my Mac, however one is continuing to be a problem.  On that machines, there is plenty of memory, plenty of hard disk space, but apparently because of the larger Bootcamp partition, Lion will ‘fail to install’.  This is after many iterations that do stop short of reformatting the hard drive, which is not a viable options for that particular machine.  This is not the type of update that one is used to seeing from Apple….SADLY….

  33. Blattellus says:

    I want to upgrade OS X Lion to OS X Lion Server on my iMac. While the installer wants to install the Essentials it shows an error saying that I have no internet-connection. I use a WiFi connection that seems to work fine for all other activities. Ethernet is not really an option here.

  34. Jim Mackenzie says:

    Trying to instal Lion. Worked fine on MacBook. On my iMac installation starts counts down to 1 seconds remaining then sits there for ages and finally comes up with “cannot complete installation unknown error please retry installation” message


  35. Dave Ovad says:

    Anyone have experience with a 3ware Sidecar and OS X Lion???

  36. Kris says:

    For us, OSX Lion won’t download from the app store. Clicking “install” from the ‘Purchases” menu starts the install process, but before a single bit is transferred, it stops and says “an error has occurred”. Hasn’t caused me to re-buy, as my account shows the completed purchase. I’ll keep trying, but is anyone has any ideas, lemme know. @kris5449

  37. Rhill says:

    Download for one machine took three days.

    Other two machines are downloading now (day two).  Issue, the download does not resume where stopped, it begins all over again (same thing on two machines).

    Apple, this upgrade sucks!!!!!!!

  38. Imtiyaj_kaji says:

    paused download does not resume. Sucks!!!

  39. Clare Hopping says:

    I’ve just re-formatted my brand new MacBook Air as it only partially migrated my user profile, meaning I couldn’t open anything (including System Preferences to set up a new user account). Now I can’t re-install OS X Lion at all so am essentially left with a MacBook Air without an OS. Thanks Apple!

  40. Jahnker says:

    I ended up with error messages, and totally crashed the system.  Ended up taking it to the genius bar.  Disk had unmounted and they were unable to boot.  So they had to do a clean install…Lessons learned back up and Lion ended up costing me 140.00….. 

  41. Joe Washington says:

    I installed lion my new MBP 17 2011 model, which came with Snow Leopard.  I then completed a full time machine backup and then purchased a SSD.  I formatted the SSD, installed Snow Leopard, and then went to the App Store to re download Lion.  It downloaded, but there appears no way to install it.  So, now, I have a conventional HDD with Lion, a SSD with Snow leopard with now way to upgrade to Lion, and a Time Machine backup that won’t install because it says that it was created with an operating system newer than Snow Leopard.  All of this could have been avoided if Apple simle allowed us to download Lion as an ISO and burn it to a CD, so I can install it fresh from the CD, like the way Microsoft does (I hate to tout MS).  HELP!!!!

  42. Lindaz says:

    Install was not an issue…..HOWEVER…. the system is not constantly freezing-almost every action gets me a spinning circle.  The MAC dvd player crashes or just will not play.  VLC works fine so it is not a hardware issue.  This is a less than an year old Macbook pro 13. From what I can tell the only time and effort went in to making the interface less friendly and removing the few options to make the mac yours.  I am very close to going back!

  43. Dholly says:

    Just had my iMac crash during lion install. receiving a error message that the disk is damaged. When tried rodeo stall was told disk is locked

  44. Tammy Bahr says:

    Can no longer connect to the internet, rebooting only worked for about a week now it won’t connect at all.  Not impressed!

  45. Teena says:

    Tried to instal Lion on my Macbook pro and recieved the S.M.A.R.T  error, very disappointed as just purchased ipad and now can’t use icloud! Grrrrrr

  46. cocopuf says:

    I can’t install Lion in my iMac. I’ve tried different combinations of doing it. Don’t even bother wasting your time with 7-pass erase thinking that that will do it. I wonder how I know that?
    I even copied Lion to a DVD and tried to install. Nope.
    It can be done at the Apple store that has the OS X Lion image from their hard disk to your laptop or iMAc … but then it takes time, not to mention they may charge you also. What a bummer.

  47. I can’t get this to install on a new SSD to save my life!

    1. You may have to format the drive first using Disk Utility.

      1.  I did that but it says “disc locked”.  I have carbon copy cloner open and I’m trying to figure out which folders to deselect because I’m going from a 500gb drive to a 128gb SSD.  Thoughts?

        1. I have no idea. Sorry.

  48. Reiner says:

    after the instalation of Lion, my macbook Air started to run slowly, the battery discharged suddenly, and after a few days didnt star any more the system.
    now i installed again Leopard and it says that i have SMART problems and i cannot upgrade my system. 
    but the system is unestable, every 3 weeks i need to format the disc and instal again the Leopard.

  49. sisaotresed says:

    The installation onto my old MacBook Pro went smoothly, unfortunately, now I can’t play my classroom DVD’s.  I’ve never had a problem until today.  I tried all sorts of ways to get it open but it just keeps saying that the software is not supported.  So, now I have to borrow an Acer $299.00 special to play my class DVD disks.  Was wit dat?

  50. hawaiiansharkus says:

    I download Lion from the apple store to my macbook without any problem, however, when I tried to install it, a error message come up ” Lion can’t be installed because you hard drive is damage”.  I never had any problems with my macbook before this attempted Lion installation.
    Called the apple support and informed them about the error message.  They told me, that they would send me the Mac OS X Snow Leopard, so I could reinstalling it without loosing any files on my macbook.
    About two weeks later, when I received the Snow Leopard Replacement DVD, I restarted my macbook with the dvd inserted, then it run for a little while and ejected the dvd without any indication.
    The local apple store told me that I need to purchase a new hard drive.  Can anyone please let me know how can this issue be solved?  Apple seems not getting their act together. Thanks

    1. CarolM says:

      Exact same thing happened to me! How did you solve this issue?

  51. CarolM says:

    I downloaded Lion from the appstore and it crashed my hd after installation! My hd was perfect before that, and now it is ruined. I took it to the store after talking to several apple specialists on the phone and they told me to reboot from the snowleopard disk. Since I couldn find mine, they could do it for me at the store. The kid that helped checked my laptop for 5 seconds and told me it the hd, and it being damagedhas nothing to do with the Lion inatallation! Is that possible? Any advice on how to proceed now?

    1. It’s not possible for Lion or it’s installer to damage your hard drive. Work with Apple Support to resolve the issues you are having.

  52. barbara says:

    i installed lion osx in june now they say i have a corrupt file what am i suppose to do

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