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OS X Lion Users Are Reporting A Graphics-Related Freezing Issue

OS X Lion Users Are Reporting A Graphics-Related Freezing Issue

A new report surfacing today suggests that a number of early OS X Lion users are experiencing an issue with their Macs freezing after waking from sleep. The issue seems mainly to be affecting new 2011 iMacs, though a few MacBook Pro users have reported the same concern.

The issue has received extensive attention on Apple’s discussion forum, and so far the only solution to recovering from the freeze-up is to forcibly restart your Mac. A second issue details complaints of Lion freezing at the login screen, whereas a third issue describes Lion randomly freezing when beginning to play videos.

The issue is suspected to be related to the graphics processing of Lion (likely a driver problem). The issue appears to persist regardless of which version of Flash Player a user has installed, and regardless of the type of video being viewed. No official solution has yet been offered, and Apple has so far failed to comment on the issue.

  1. Buu Buu Moez says:

    only problem I have is that it freezes for a couple seconds when logging when restarting and occasionally freezing at other points. Oh well, they’ll get the bugs sorted out

  2. Eric Herr says:

    I am using a MacBook Pro 2011 i7 and experienced this only one time and I thought it was because I changed my username.

  3. SarahRad says:

    I just bought a 2011 MacBook Pro and put Lion on it right away.  I’ve definitely noticed the freezing at the beginning of videos.  The video plays without sound for a few seconds, then the video freezes.  That’s when the sound begins, and the video starts playing again when the sound catches up.  Happens on every single YouTube video I’ve watched, which, so far, is the only video watching I’ve done with Lion.

  4. Anders says:

    Brand new Mac Book Pro upgraded to Lion teh day it came out.  So far I have had about one freeze per day and a kernel panic about once every three days.  This never happened to me with Tiger, Leopard or Snow Leopard.  Beware. 

    1. CeynoteSpeech says:

      OSX lion preinstalled, iMac 27 inches, 2nd day owning it. Feezes when waking up

  5. Carterinthekeys says:

    I am purchasing a new MacBook air soon, I need to do some more research.

  6. Kreepy Fisty says:

    I have had this happen almost five times, exactly for the reasons described.  Hard reset is the only way to “fix” it.  I have tried enabling the new Lion option to restart if there is a problem, but either it doesn’t detect that a problem exists, or I’m not waiting long enough for the computer to figure out it’s not working right.
    Symptoms: Screen is black after waking up, fan audibly spinning, keyboard lit.

  7. Song Minghan says:

    i notice the freezing too. happens at random times. the clock is stil ticking though so i know that the macbook is still running fine.

  8. I have an iMac late-2006 “upgraded” to Lion, and the machine reboots from sleep. Also, there are an increasing number of screen artifacts, and visual “delays” where the screen will carry a remnant of the window after you move it.

  9. MarcoPolo says:

    It isn’t just happening to 2011 iMacs, mine is a mid 2010 model and a reboot doesn’t resolve the issue. Post reboot I get to the Apple logo and the boot up circle endlessly spinning. My how I now regret upgrading and inadvertently becoming a beta tester!

  10. Jarrod says:

    I have a similar issue. My 2007 Macbook Pro freezes for about 30 seconds. The mouse pointer still moves but all icons are frozen and I’m unable to click on them. I have used disk utility and cleaned up the disk yet the problem remains.  

  11. Chris says:

    I am using a 2011 macbook pro and half the time it will not wake when I open it though normally all it takes to get it to come back up is shut the screen and open it again about 2 seconds later  

  12. Anonymous says:

    I’m not sure if this is the same screen freezing problem, but I’ve found a work-around for one screen freezing problem I’ve been having since I upgraded to Lion.

    This happens a lot when using Aperture and Screen Sharing. Basically, it happens every couple of minutes with these apps. It rarely occurs in other apps, but it actually occurred while I was posting the comment.

    Anyway, if your screen freezes, try do this: Press control-left or control-right, or whatever keys you have configured to switch among Mission Control spaces. Then switch back to your previous space, and you should be good. For a little while, at least. 

    Now I actually had my screen freeze twice while entering this comment. I’ve got a late 2009 27-inch iMac with an i7 processor and Radeon HD 4850 graphics, by the way.

    (P.S. I just discovered that Apple > About my Mac > More Info… displays a pretty cool overview of your hardware, identifying the Mac with the same description Apple uses on support pages. In my case, that’s “iMac 27-inch, late 2009”. Very cool!)

  13. Working with Adobe CS5.5 products and Mail.app everything is really slow. I think that the mail app is the one that goes bananas after the adobe programs are on. I got 4gb ddr3 ram and 512mb graphics card so it shouldn’t be a problem.

  14. Maytham says:

    It is also happening with my Mac Pro purchased three ago. It freezes after it goes into sleep. When i disabled it (not sleeping) it now freezes on the screen server.

  15. Hgabriel says:

    Having horrible problems after the update…Right now my MacBook Pro 13″ is totallly useless and I’m forced to erase all the data so that I can finally install Snow Leopard again…LION TOTAL FAIL!!! AN HORRIBLE PAIN IN THE ASS!!!! Very upset and disappointed!!!! >: /

  16. Legitimateswag says:

    Same thing with me. Sometimes when it becomes awake from sleep, it freezes. Mostly when I turn it on after a complete shut down, it freezes though. Spinning beach ball comes on when cursor is at the top, and click does not function. Cursor moves arounds, but that is it. I have a Macbook Pro 2011.

  17. Judy says:

    Lion freezes and the only way to get it working again is to hold the on/off button. I went to a lot of trouble and money to increase my memory to 3 gigs — more than the 2 gigs needed — to make this $30 app work on my desktop. What a nightmare. Anyone got suggestions?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Usually this can be fixed by disabling “Automatic graphics switching” in System Prefs –> Energy Saver. This workaround seems to have done the trick on my MacBook Pro, but it really needs to be properly addressed in a OS patch at some point.

  19. Master_logray says:

    Brought my mac in April and upgrade to lion a month ago, after problems with the install i reinstalled from the rescue partition and it seemed to be ok with minimum display freezes but in the last two days or so the display freezes on multiple occasions.
    On top of this my mac has always had an intermit ant problem with waking up from sleep mode

    1. Igorsiga says:

      “i” is capitalized as the first person personal pronoun.

      1. Hahaha says:

        lol get out of here

  20. Amber says:

    After installing Lion my MBP freezes constantly. My laptop is 3 years old, though in good nich. It freezes the sims 3 constantly and harley runs it, and for a while it messed with my photoshop and illustrator. Im kinda regretting the update now.

  21. Frances Wang says:

    Mine is a mid-2011 macbook pro and I regret that I upgraded it to Lion, which is so unstable. It freezes when I log in and I  have to reboot it almost four times a week. 

  22. Happens also on my mid 2007macbook…

  23. Igorsiga says:

    So when the users wake up their computers freeze?  Wow!

  24. Scott Suine says:

    Having the same problem on my 2011 imac. But no having the problems on my 2010 imac, although on that machines i don’t have multiple users, or fast user switching enabled

  25. Joe Fitzgerald says:

    It is happening on my late 2009 27-inch iMac in OSX 10.7.3.  Hitting the power button to put it to sleep and then waking it up seems to help.

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