The iPhone 5 Is Being Tested In iPhone 4’s Clothes

The iPhone 5 Is Being Tested In iPhone 4’s Clothes

Ever been confused at the iPhone rumor mill continually flip-flopping between the iphone 5 being redesigned and having the same body as the iPhone 4? I have been, but ThisIsMyNext might have an explanation – it borrowed iPhone 4’s clothes! Apple may simply be testing iPhone 5 components in an iPhone 4 enclosure.

According to ThisIsMyNext’s Josh Topolsky, this is exactly what’s been going on. Topolsky, who was one of the first sources credited with rumors of a dramatically redesigned iPhone 5, claims that the iPhone 5 will be both thinner and lighter than the iPhone 4, and will feature a redesign because Apple’s top-level officials have tired of the complains of the iPhone 4’s fragility, and that upper management has simply lost its favor for the iPhone 4’s design.

Topolsky’s response serves to answer the question of what’s going on with all of these “iPhone 4S” rumors by explaining them away as simply being iPhone 4-like prototypes used to test possible components for the iPhone 5. Since the iPhone 5’s components are built for a smaller, ligher device, they easily fit in to the casing for the current iPhone 4.

This type of testing, according to Topolsky, is what has led many to speculate about the lack of a redesign for the iPhone 4, as well as leading to notions such as the iPhone 4S rumor, which had been prevalent.

ThisIsMyNext previously claimed that the iphone 5 would feature a teardrop-like design, and provided cool mock-ups to illustrate that to us all. They also claimed that the iPhone 5 will be a world phone (usable on both GSM and CDMA networks), and would feature a 3.7-inch screen.

Keep in mind, however, that this is all very deeply speculative, and nothing can ever be known for certain in the Apple world until it’s officially announced. While I accept and even expect the claims of a larger screen and “world phone” capabilities, I feel that the jury is still out on the iPhone 5’s design. I suppose we’ll all find out soon enough!