Apple Fires Head Of iPhone 4 Development Over Quality Issues

Apple Fires Head Of iPhone 4 Development Over Quality Issues

Even though the iPhone 4 was certainly a successful release for Apple, a new report from iPhone Alley suggests that Apple was more focused on the iPad at the time, and the quality of the iPhone 4 suffered as a result. The head of iPhone 4 development has reportedly been fired.

According to the report, the development of the iPhone 4 was not done in-house at Apple, but instead was hired out to an outside source. Additionally, the report claims that problems with the iPhone 4, such as the antenna problem, were quality issues caused by inappropriate development, research and testing.

The report also says that iPhone 5 development is being kept within Apple, and that the iPhone 5 is being led by a group of individuals rather than a single individual.

This report is unverified, and iPhone Alley does not have a proven track record for provide accurate information from within Apple, so this report should be taken with a healthy dose of skepticism.


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