Apple May Launch 3 HDTVs By March 2012

Apple May Launch 3 HDTVs By March 2012

Speculation has been abounding for a while now regarding the possibility that Apple could be developing an HDTV, but a new research note published by Trip Chowdhry of Global Equities Reseach suggests that Apple could launch three HDTV models by March 2012!

The note suggests that his data, which he considers to be about 75% accurate, indicates that Apple will be launching their HDTV in March of 2012, which would come in three different models at varying price points.

Apple HDTV

Chowdhry compares Apple’s upcoming HDTV with the Bose VideoWave, a 46-inch LCD HDTV with surround sounds that attempts to reduce cable clutter and improve viewing quality. Apple’s new unit will reportedly be only a third as thick as the Bose VideoWave, which is 6 inches thick, and Apple’s HDTV will carry a total of 16 speakers to deliver a surround sound experience.

Chowdhry also claims that Apple’s upcoming solution will likely only feature a single cable, compared to the 3 cales on the Bose VideoWave, and will come in three models at varying price points compared to the single $5200 of the Bose VideoWave.

While claims regrading and Apple television are nothing new, this report should nevertheless be taken with caution, especially considering Chowdhry’s claim last year that Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer would speak at Apple’s 2010 World-Wide Developers Conference – a claim that was quickly denied and proven false.