Apple Online Store Hit With Extended Outage

Apple Online Store Hit With Extended Outage

The Apple Online Store“>Apple Online Store has now been down for several hours, since about 4:30 AM Pacific Time, despite no new or updated products being suspected. Further, users attempting to access the Apple Online Store during the outage do not see the typical “We’re updating the store” screen.

Instead, many users are unable to load anything at all, as if the page had vanished. Suspicious are abounding that Apple may have experienced a server failure or a Denial of Service attack.

With the store remaining down well beyond the usual time of 5:30 AM Pacific Time when Apple typically brings the store back up after an update, something certainly appears to be seriously wrong, although it’s also possible that Apple may be moving their Apple Online Store to a new data center.

To make matters more curious, the outage occurred on a Wednesday rather than a Tuesday, which would be more typical for maintenance. Additionally, the outage appears to be sporadic, as some users are reporting seeing the “We’re updating the store” message, while other users are seeing nothing at all.

As of this moment, some users are reporting that the store is back up, although many are still unable to access the store, indicating that a possible problem or update is still being implemented.

While its unlikely that we’ll see a new product surface today, there is a possibility that a new Apple TV with an A5 processor and 1080p output could surface, especially considering the manner in which Best Buy stores in Mexico seem to be unloading their inventory by giving away a free Apple TV with a qualifying Mac purchase.

As of this moment, we at MacTrast are still quite unable to access the Apple Online Store. Let us know if it’s up for you!

Update: The Apple Online Store“>Apple Online Store is now back up for most if not all users, and we haven’t noticed any significant changes. Let us know if you spot anything.