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Apple Sued For Using Copyrighted Image In iPhone TV Ad

Apple Sued For Using Copyrighted Image In iPhone TV Ad

Taea Hale, an independent photographer from New York, is suing Apple under the claim that they used one of her copyrighted photographs in an iPhone television ad.

Court documents indicate that Thale took photos of the band “She and Him,” which Apple featured in their commercial without asking permission or giving credit. Thale’s lawyers claim that she only authorized one license of the photo to Merge Media for limited use in magazines and posters, and had never licensed the photo to Apple.

The curious part of the situation is that the iPhone commercial in question simply shows a picture of the band’s album cover, as well as a picture of the band shown within a ticker purchasing app when buying tickets for a concert. It doesn’t seem as if Apple has used the photo in any way that’s not already publicly available.

Of course, considering the huge wad of cash that pretty much everyone knows that Apple has, it’s not surprising for people to want to take a chunk of it in any way they can. The commercial is shown below.

  1. Laurent - iPhon.fr says:

    be carefull not beeing sued because you show the ad 😉

  2. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t really matter if the photo is publicly available. If the picture was only licensed for limited use in magazines and posters, than that’s what the license is for… a “picture of a picture” is not a valid way to get around that. Rights and Clearances are very important for any company using copyrighted materials in their ads, and this is just something that Apple probably missed… though for a commercial that’s a pretty big oversight. 

  3. Dan_Wallace says:

    You would think they’d be grateful for the free publicity!

  4. I imagine apple will just toss some money at this. I can’t imagine they are going to fight it – they certainly want other people/companies to respect their copyrights, trademarks and patents. They can certainly afford to license a photo. This seems like a non-story.

  5. Bow says:

    Apple should pay them off and ban the artist.
    continue to do so until these b/s suits end.america…

  6. rafxmoss says:

    actually thats not copyright infringement cause you can use any material from any artist if you’re trying to make a point, in this case they used a not too common band to find it on the program, they did not use the entire song, and showing the picture from the album is part of the point the add is trying to make!

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