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Apple To Close NYC Retail Stores Ahead Of Hurricane Irene

Apple To Close NYC Retail Stores Ahead Of Hurricane Irene

MacRumors is reporting that Apple will be closing many of their New York City retail stores this weekend in preparation for Hurricane Irene. Aside from the potential safety concerns, the New York transit system is scheduled to be shut down by noon on Saturday, which would make it difficult for anyone to get to the store.

The information was verified by MacRumors by calling each store and confirming whether they would be open or not. Employees who answered the phone at SoHoUpper West SideWest 14th Street, andStaten Island all confirmed that those retail locations will be closed both Saturday and Sunday.

While most stores will be closed, no decision has been made regarding Apple’s Fifth Avenue location, which is notable for being open 24/7/365.

A decision has reportedly not been made about the Fifth Avenue location, which is famously open 24/7/365.

MacRumors details whether stores outside the city will be closed as follows:

New York:

– Smith Haven has no information about closing and is still “technically open”.

– Manhasset on Long Island has “no idea” if they will be open or not.

– Roosevelt Field, also on Long Island is “planning to be open as of now, but not taking any appointments for Sunday.”

– Walt Whitman has no word on closing.

– Palisades in West Nyack, NY says they are current planning to be open but advises customers to call ahead.

– The Westchester has “no idea yet” if they will be closing.

New Jersey:

– The Pier in Atlantic City is already closed “due to severe weather in the area.”

– Freehold Raceway Mall in Freehold, NJ had no information yet.

– Stamford has not made a decision yet. “It depends on the weather.”

– Greenwich Avenue plans to be open but “can’t forecast that at this time.”