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EA’s Trip Hawkins: Apple’s Headed Towards A Major Decline

EA’s Trip Hawkins: Apple’s Headed Towards A Major Decline

While Apple is enjoying their greatest period of success ever, Electronics Arts founder Trip Hawkins “brilliantly” claims that Apple is quickly heading towards a decline.

While it’s obvious that no company, not even Apple, can maintain such a strong and dominant position forever, Hawkins’ claim about Apple’s impending downfall just seems terribly misguided to me.

In essence, Hawkins is arguing that Steve Jobs is such a visionary leader that, without him at the helm, Apple will be facing the beginning of the end. Hawkins sees this happening rather soon, saying “The thing is, it may take another year or two before it starts to decline, but it has to – everything does.” Hawkins also notable uttered:

“Everything revolves so much around Steve, and no matter how good his lieutenants are, they’re not Steve. None of us is going to live forever, though I hope he lives for a really long time.”

Hawkins goes on to express his wishes for Apple to become more open, and embrace every open standard that ever comes along. He then proceeds to complain about Apple’s lack of support for Adobe Flash, and the closed system under which the company operates, right before making an absurd analogy about how Apple is like the Roman Empire. Right…

Hawkins’ must not have been paying attention for the past 6 months, when, despite the ever-lessening role that Steve Jobs is playing at Apple, the company is nevertheless experiencing record gains and growth.

Apple will be just fine without Steve Jobs. Sure, Steve was a visionary, and an incredible leader, but he’s also picked an amazing team of successors to run Apple in his absence, and has trained them to be able to successfully drive Apple in his place.

Further, despite Hawkins’ claims, Apple is far from reaching their peak – their iPhone, iPad, and Mac numbers continue to grow at record rates, OS X Lion may have been the most successful software launch in history, and Apple is just now possibly beginning to investigate new industries, such as television and digital media streaming.

  1. Ian says:

    Just Saying but Apple has been doing better since Steve has slowly been leaving the company.  so like the last 2 months are the the best months of the company (so far).

  2. Guest says:

    “Apple Inc.  Proudly going out of business for 35 years.”  Shamelessly stolen from a t-shirt that was around when the company hit their 25 year mark.  The predictions of Apple’s demise come fast and furious when there is even the slightest hint of them breaking out of the red headed stepchild role the media sees them in.  No one is foolish enough to think Apple will continue it’s current upward trend, but these predictions are around all the time and for various reasons.

    I believe the assertion that Apple will take such a serious downturn sans Steve at the helm is woefully misguided.  Yes the company will wobble a bit as will a certain amount of investor confidence when he officially turns over the reigns.  However they will not crumble and fall as Hawkins suggests.

  3. Ictus75 says:

    What has EA done lately?????

  4. drsgfire says:

    EA sucks balls. That’s not coming from a tech guy, that’s coming from a pc gamer of 14 years. I’ve seen what EA has done to their image in the eyes of their original customer base which was the pc gamer. EA should watch what they say because they would be nothing if they didn’t have the big pockets to pay off amazing developers to do all the hard work. They are just jeleous that their company never reached the potential that apple has achieved.

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