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Football Teams Are Now Using iPads As Playbooks

Football Teams Are Now Using iPads As Playbooks

I’ve certainly said it before, but I love seeing the iPad reaching so strongly into new arenas – education, aviation, business, and so many more areas are now beginning to benefit from the iPad. But football teams? Just ask the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have now given iPads to each of their 90 players, loaded with playbooks, game, practice and situational videos, and other training materials. The iPads are easier to use and carry than typically large paper-bound volumes, and enable a greater array of training materials to be accessible to the players at all times.

The Buccaneers’ head coach Raheem Morris had the following to say:

With this iPad, I can just flick through, and if that play doesn’t apply to me, I just touch it and get out of there and go here, and there’s third down. Get out of there, and let’s go to the red zone. Okay, there’s the nickel. It’s a different deal now.

The iPads are really more than just a convenience, however, they’re also an important element in relating to younger players, who are much more accustomed to using a digital product than endlessly flipping through the pages of books. Further, last but not least, the use of iPads eliminates the classic worry of the opposing team getting ahold of your playbook – once missing, the device can simply be remotely wiped.

Awesome work, iPad – now go play some ball!