iWordJuggle – An Awesome and Unique Word Game for iOS

iWordJuggle – An Awesome and Unique Word Game for iOS

iOS is not short of easy to use, addictive games. Small gems like Angry Birds, Cut the Rope and Tiny Wings have shown us that it doesn’t take a complex game to make users fall in love with it. iWordJuggle is a brand new game for iOS that takes a unique approach to the ‘word puzzle’ genre.

The game starts when you choose three words from a randomly selected collection, most of which you will have never heard of before. You have to pick three of them, carefully paying attention to which letters each word is made up off. Once you have picked three you can continue on with playing the game.

When the game begins you have to unscramble the 3 words to make new words. You can mix and match letters across all of the different expressions.

It’s such a simple concept, yet it works incredibly well.

A nice feature in iWordJuggle is the fact that there is no time limit like other word puzzle games such as Word Challenge on iOS and Facebook, meaning you can play the game at your own pace, rather than throwing your iPhone across the room because you couldn’t spell antibiotics with only 3 seconds to go!

iWordJuggle has full Game Centre compatibility so it is easy to check your literacy skills with your friends and compete against them.

There is only one downside about the app, it’s lack of landscape support. This isn’t a huge deal however as it is nice to play on a wider screen,  but the game has only just been released, so future updates are going to bring lots of great new features.

Planned for the future is landscape support and achievements. What’s great about the developer is that they are listening to the reviews and taking into account what the players want. Something that a lot of other devs just aren’t doing.


iWordJuggle is brilliant. It’s unique, fun and addictive. It caters to causal gamers needs well whilst providing a pretty challenging game for intellectuals.

I am going to give iWordJuggle an incredible 4 out of 5. 


You can buy iWordJuggle from the App Store for just $0.99.


  • Simple concept that anybody can pick up on.
  • Increases users vocabulary. (Seriously, it does)
  • Beautifully designed app, everything is clearly accessible.
  • Choose between different lengths of words, makes the game easier or harder.
  • Game Centre compatibility.
  • Lack of landscape support, however this is soon to be addressed in an update.