Nokia Thinks iOS Is “Outdated.” Yeah…

Nokia Thinks iOS Is “Outdated.” Yeah…

Nokia, apparently not satisfied with having tried to claim the iPhone 4 as their own device, is now discrediting iOS, claiming that it’s based on ideas that are quite simply outdated.

The Claim

Matt Marshall reports the following from Nokia:

Nokia‘s new superphones will offer a superior user interface and a better, cloud-enabled experience than its chief competitors, the company’s top U.S executive told [us]…The reliance by Apple and Android phones on the ‘app’ as the central metaphor is ‘outdated,’ he said.

Ah, yes. Outdated. Just like everything that Nokia has managed to produce for the last decade, right? I find it especially curious that a company that doesn’t have any apps to offer is the same company calling them “outdated.” Perhaps this is a way to justify their failure?

Additionally, Chris Weber, President of Nokia, has confirmed that Nokia’s first Windows Phone 7 devices will be hitting the US market “in volume” in 2012. I sure hope that Windows Phone 7 isn’t Nokia’s idea of a “superior user interface” and a “better cloud-enabled experience.”

The Argument

Marshal continues to report, “Weber called Android and the iOS phone platforms ‘outdated.’ While Apple’s iPhone, and its underlying iOS operating system, set the standard for a modern user interface with ‘pinch and zoom,’ Weber conceded, it also forces people to download multiple applications which they then have to navigate between. There’s a lot of touching involved as you press icons or buttons to activate application features.”

Apparently Nokia will address this by offering a “more seamless and efficient” interface with “live tiles and hubs”. It apparently does this using Windows Phone 7, which he claims integrates applications into everything that you do.

My Thoughts

Personally, I find it very concerning that Nokia really thinks that Windows Phone 7 is the “future” of mobile phones. Everything that Microsoft has ever done, produced, or marketed has been created to mimic or one-up something already in existence. Windows Phone 7 (which I have personally used) is nothing more than a way to dumb down smart phones, reducing them to simple yet powerless bricks in the hands of users that actually want to get things done.

There are very good reasons why Windows Phone 7 has failed to take off with even a hint of the gusto that caused both iOS and Android to explode – mainly that it’s not the sort of thing anyone actually wants to use!

So, to get matters straight, Nokia failed at creating its own mobile operating system. It also failed at creating a compelling smartphone that managed to even capture the world’s attention.

So, Nokia turns to Microsoft, the masters of quality software (Anyone else looking forward to weekly updates just to keep their computer running?), to provide the answer, despite the fact that Windows Mobile has been an utter failure up to this point?

Right, Nokia. iOS is outdated. Apple is on the way out. Sure. I only have one question: can I have some of that punch you’ve been drinking?