Readdle Releases Card Scanner Pro For iPhone

Readdle Releases Card Scanner Pro For iPhone

Readdle, makers of popular productivity apps for iPhone and iPad, have just released a great new iPhone app. The new app, Card Scanner Pro ($6.99, App Store Link), scans your business cards using your iPhone’s camera, and then uses advanced OCR technology to recognize the text and add it to your address book!

I’ve had a week or two to tinker with this app, and have used it to process over a dozen business cards. As such, I can report that it works quite well! It does make mistakes, especially when the lighting for the photo isn’t great, but was over 95% accurate in my experience – and certainly much faster than typing contacts in by hand.

The entire process takes just a few seconds for each business card, and then can both catalogue your business cards within the app itself, as well as automatically adding them to your address book. This is extremely useful for people like me who receive tons of business cards from important contacts.

What really makes Card Scanner Pro stand out is its very fast and accurate scanning and text recognition, its ability to automatically export data to Address Book, and the fact that it also keeps an image showing each card, just in case you missed something that wasn’t converted correctly.

For more information, or to purchase Card Scanner Pro, which I highly recommend, head on over to the iTunes App Store ($6.99, App Store Link).

  1. Jeremy Johnstone says:

    CardMunch does the same thing for free, but uses Mechanical Turk and has A 100% accuracy rate in my experience under virtually any lighting. Also integrates with LinkedIn to easily make connections there if I wish too.

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