Review: Galaxy On Fire 2™ Full HD

Review: Galaxy On Fire 2™ Full HD

In Galaxy On Fire 2 ™ Full HD, developed by FISHLABS, you play as Keith T. Maxwell, an adventurer and war hero. Maxwell travels through time ans space do to a hyperdrive malfunction. 35 years after this occurrence, he finds himself in a war against the alien armada, which is starting to take control over the races who are fighting for their life in this sector of space. There are too few dog fighting/arial combat games for the Mac on the Mac App Store, but thankfully Galaxy On Fire 2 delivers. This game visually impresses, has an in-depth storyline with plenty of dialog, and has more than enough upgrades for your ship.


In Galaxy on Fire 2 Full HD, players can travel through over 20 solar systems. These solar systems contain 100 different 3D space stations which you can use to your advantage to upgrade your ship, and such things as going over the galaxy map, which may be inconvenient for anyone who may be used to pulling up a map from the menu, but nevertheless, the map is pretty large being that there are over 20 solar systems. At the space stations you also have the ability do play a wide vary of side missions. There are a few different game play modes to choose from including sandbox, story-driven, and mission-based. Galaxy on Fire 2 Full HD also features 30 different customizable spaceships, so there is no shortage of content here.


The graphics in Galaxy On Fire 2 are some of the best of any arial combat game. The graphics are so well done in this game, that you can compare it to a next gen console game because of the 1080p resolution among other visually enhancements to the Mac version. FISHLABS went all out for this version of Galaxy On Fire 2 including individual texture sets for all 30 spaceships, among them are normal, diffuse, and specular maps in an HD 2048 by 2048 pixel resolution. Other graphical enhancements include additional light sources for realism, (which really shows in the HD version) additional OpenGL shaders and post effects including heavily revised explosion, engine flare and muzzle flash special effects. The graphics in Galaxy On Fire 2™ Full HD are one of the key selling points of the game, and FISHLABS did more than enough to pull it off.


As for the controls, there are a few different options for controlling your ship such as mouse, keyboard, and gamepad, which has been optimized to work well with Galaxy On Fire 2. All controls are customizable no matter what control you’re using. One thing I had trouble with was using the trackpad instead of directional keys to control the ship. Using a trackpad isn’t ideal, but it’s there if you prefer it over a mouse or direction keys.


Galaxy On Fire 2™ Full HD is a great air combat game. It has a lot of replay value and side missions. With 20 solar systems there’s no shortage of gameplay. You’ll be hooked on this game for a while. The graphics are truly great, especially when viewed in full screen. FISHLABS pulled out all the stops from the gameplay, to the graphics, and controls, it’s a solid game all around.Note that the game might crash for some so check the system requirements before downloading.

$19.99 (Mac App Store Link)


  • 30 spaceships, 20 Solar Systems and 100 different space stations
  • Great graphics
  • Sandbox, story-driven, and mission-based game play


  • Crashes for some users



  1. Tobi says:

    Thanks for the great review, John. An update that will fix the crashes (which occur due to certain memory management problems of OSX Lion when dealing with 32 bit applications) is already in the making and will be released until the end of the week. Hopefully, the game will run more stable from then on. 🙂

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