Rogers Begins Pre-Launch Training For iPhone 5

Rogers Begins Pre-Launch Training For iPhone 5

While speculation regarding the iPhone 5 continues to spin wild and free, it appears that Canadian wireless carrier Rogers is expecting the iPhone 5 very very soon, as they’ve already began pre-launch training for their employees.

According to an internal memo from Rogers, entitled “Coming Soon: iPhone pre-launch,” employees are instructed to complete a 45-minute self-study training couse starting today, August 11. This type of training is useful to ensure as smooth of a launch as possible on the carrier’s end. The text from the memo reads as follows:

As of August 11th, the training for the iPhone pre-launch will start. Please complete this training once notified by the Just in Time (JIT) training coordinator in your site. The module is a 45 minute self-study; please make sure to complete the following training: iPhone Pre-Launch Training – Rogers Wireless 2011.

When Rogers begun pre-launch training for the iPhone 4 last year, they did so on July 12th, with the iPhone 4 actually being released on July 30th. This reflects almost the exact same amount of time until September begins, potentially strengthening rumors of an early September release for the iPhone 5.

  1. That’s awesome news! I can’t wait. I’ve been saving my upgrade for the iPhone5 for over a year!

  2. Maners Mike says:

    Bring it on, I’m next in line!! 🙂

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