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Samsung Aims To Topple Apple, Become The World’s Largest Notebook Supplier

Samsung Aims To Topple Apple, Become The World’s Largest Notebook Supplier

While Apple and Samsung have been squabbling over Samsung’s seemingly blatant copying of Apple’s designs, Samsung is now attempting to compete with Apple in yet another market: Notebook computers. They plan to achieve this, at least in part, by purchasing HP’s computer manufacturing division.

Samsung has reportedly (according to DigiTimes) already begun negotiating the matter with PC suppliers in Taiwan, including Quanta, Compal, and Pegatron, and seems to be evaluating the possibility of outsourcing their notebook orders.

Samsung is currently projected to ship around 10 million PCs this year, but that number could leap significantly, adding an additional 40 million units if Samsung can attract HP’s customers.

Apple, the current largest portable computer manufacturer, remains as the opposing factor, holding between 10 and 21 percent of the notebook market (depending on if you count the iPad) and continuing to experience record sales numbers quarter after quarter and year after year. Despite the fact that the global PC market is shrinking, customers are continuing to purchase Macs at ever-increasing rates.

Even if Samsung is able to attract HP’s customers, and also manages to find a way to produce enough notebooks, they still don’t really hold much of a chance. Apple’s massive cash reserves make it easy for them to get the best deals on components and manufacturing, thus returning higher margins than their competitors. In short, I welcome Samsung to do their best. It’ll be that much more laughable when they fail.

  1. justhelpingout says:

    you made a typo in the last section… even if samsung is ABLE to attract….

  2. i wonder if you apple disciples own shares in apple or you just make all the noise while some people make all the money. 

    1. Its not always about the money. Its the satisfaction you get when you use an Apple product. 

    2. Anonymous says:

      Actually a lot of us do.   And we got in early, like at $13, before it split three times and ran to $400.    And you all still tell us how dumb we are and think that Windows rulz and Mac sux.   LOL, and you call us ‘disciples’ and ‘true believers’ even though we were 100% right about this company and the Windows fanboys have watched their own stock just languish.    If not for a paltry little dividend, there would be no reason to own MSFT.  

  3. Niki C says:

    I don’t know who wrote this, but is laughable, wanting a company to fail is so stupid, how do you think Apple became what it is, by going after the big companies, I’m an apple fan, but this article is a joke, there’s been a lot of companies on top that no longer are.

    Sony was the biggest hit with the walkman, everybody wanted a Sony Tv, almost every house had a PC running Windows, not any more, today everyone wants an iPhone and a MacBook, tomorrow, that’s a different story, and it’s because of stupid people like this that thinks that they are the best and always will be, that the one on the bottom will work harder and one day be the number one, never underestimate anyone, no matter how little they seem.

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