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Samsung Smartphones Violate Apple Trademarks, EU-Wide Ban Issued By Dutch Judge

Samsung Smartphones Violate Apple Trademarks, EU-Wide Ban Issued By Dutch Judge

Apple has just won a massive victory against Samsung and their shameless copying of Apple’s designs and trademarks. A Netherlands judge has now granted a preliminary injunction preventing Samsung from selling their Galaxy series of smartphones.

A similar injunction was issued by a German court banning sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1, but was overturned due to the court exceeded its own authority in issuing the EU-wide ban. The above image shows the Galaxy S alongside an iPhone 3GS. Note the ridiculous number of similarities.

According to FOSS Patents, it is still possible for Samsung to get around the ban, since the injunction only prevents three Samsung subsidiaries from selling the Galaxy S, and Samsung’s South Korea office could easily distribute the Galaxy S to Europe.

Whether or not it is possible for Samsung to weasel their way around this, isn’t the bigger point that Samsung should just try coming up with some of their own ideas instead of trying (and failing) to make their dollars by copying the designs and ideas of others? Seriously, Samsung. Innovation, not imitation.

  1. Charlie says:

    Who ever posted this you need to change that iPhone 4, for a 3GS.

    1. Good call.  That makes it look much more obvious.

  2. Good, though Samsung phone lacks several features of design (usability, appeal, OS architecture) that makes an iPhone an iPhone. Having one of those Samsung phones on your hand lets you realize immediately that you are holding a bad taste copy of an iPhone.

  3. appro says:

    Get over it and realize Samsung Galaxy > iPhone

  4. Tango says:

    I have never been happier since the day I swapped my iPhone for a Galaxy.  It is a very different device.  Much, much better.

  5. Wolfy says:

    I have been using the iPhone for around 2 years + have switched to the Galaxy S2 device over 2 months ago: The Galaxy, from my personal experience, is a much better device than the iPhone. I really doubt if any of the blind fools of the Apple religion even actually worked with the Galaxy before they have put their comment, while the one that are now using the Galaxy (and its Android open and excellent OS) have most probably used the iPhone..

    As for patent/design copying/imitating – Apple (as almost any of the big technology vendors) have also quite a history of copying/imitating ideas/elements/Design (you can just use Google and find many examples). They most probably used some of the patents of Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and others when they have built the iPhone – so this is a really stupid game that only patent lawyers are gaining from it…

    1. blue5ft3 says:

      I had one until it started on fire, actual FLAMES and I am on oxygen, I wish I could afford to sue them, perhaps a probono lawyer? Not willing to risk the loss if I loose, it could have killed me. This led to my  new Iphone which I love. Siri is a wonderful addition for me with RA and in emergencies. 3 tims now the press and text help, which I have the numbers in my contacts for, got me the help and once to the hospital, so I am very happy and should thank? Samsung?

  6. aik•wae says:

    over formfactor, have U all guys holding side by side of 1st gen iPhone wid LG Prada?

    1. No – I can’t say that I have. Are they similar?

  7. blue5ft3 says:

    Samsung Smartphones Violate Apple Trademarks, EU-Wide Ban Issued By Dutch Judge I’m so confused! Can one country ban an item in the whole EU and then another says that Apple is banned so are they all banned? Samsung did copy Applle, fact but they have many good products also. I can’t even keep up with who can sell what, where, I’m glad I am in the US where I can buy either/both!

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