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Top Ten Apple Ads Of The Steve Jobs Era

Top Ten Apple Ads Of The Steve Jobs Era

Steve Jobs’ reign as CEO of Apple brought us some of the most delightful Apple ads that the world has ever seen. Besides being a visionary and a leader, lets not forget that Jobs is also a marketing genius. Fortunately, he’s also still Chairman of the Board for Apple, so his influence will still be around for a while.

Apple’s ads of the last decade or so have been memorable, heartwarming, trendy, eye-catching, and even downright unforgettable – all qualities of great advertisement. Without further ado, check out the ten great ads below. Which is your favorite?

Introducing the iPhone 4


Get A Mac

Introducing iPad 2

Meet The iPad

iPad Apps

Think Different

iPad Is


We Believe


  1. Incredible Gallery Displays Every Apple Store Ever Built
  2. Apple Planning to Introduce Local Ads, Non-Music Content to iTunes Radio
  3. Analysts Predict Apple Will Announce Record Sales and Earnings for Fiscal Q4 2014
  4. Apple is Looking for an Engineer to Improve iMessage and FaceTime
  5. Apple Offers Fix for Security Update That Disabled Mac Ethernet Ports
  6. Apple to Live Stream Tim Cook’s Speech at Goldman Sachs Conference Tomorrow
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