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(Infographic) iPhone 5: The Story So Far

(Infographic) iPhone 5: The Story So Far

With all of the iPhone 5 rumors circulating around, it can be pretty easy to get lost in the maze. Fortunately, the folks over at TechnoBuffalo have provided some creative imagery to round up the best of the rumors and help you sort it all out. Check out the below infographic assembled from their iPhone 5 rumor page (click to expand):


  1. Apple Lowers Its Return Window on an iPhone to 14 Days
  2. Apple Putting the Squeeze on Samsung and TSMC for A9 Price Cuts
  3. Not Satisfied with the Design of the iPhone 7? Grab a Circular Saw and Belt Sander, and Follow Along! (VIDEO)
  4. Dalrymple: No NFC in the New iPhone
  5. What to Expect From Apple’s September 12 Media Event
  6. Wallpaper Weekends: Like, Tie Dye Your Device, Man!
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