Muudio – Generate Playlists On Your iPhone/iPod With This Cool App

Muudio – Generate Playlists On Your iPhone/iPod With This Cool App

Ever looked down at your iPhone or iPod and said to yourself “meh”? Yeah, me too. While picking out an album isn’t exactly a life altering decision, it can be a tough one. If only you could quickly and effortlessly create a playlist on your iPhone / iPod Touch?

Say hello to Muudio.

Muudio is a a sleek iPhone/iPod app that generates playlists based on your mood. Tell Muudio what kind of mood you’re in, and hey presto, the app scans your library and generates a playlist that matches your current mood.

When you load up the app, you are presented with a quadrant, or a “mood wheel”, featuring 4 different moods. The 4 base mood types are chilled, downbeat, upbeat, and intense. You navigate an orange circle within the mood wheel to select your current mood. If you move the circle halfway between chilled and upbeat, the app will generate a playlist that matches your chilled & upbeat mood.

You can also adjust the accuracy of the playlist by expanding or reducing the range of music that Muudio attempts to match your mood to. The bigger the circle, the more songs in your playlist. If you have a lot of music on your iPhone/iPod you will want to keep this circle at a small to medium size for optimal accuracy of your playlist.

Click on build, you receive a prompt to name your playlist, and ka-boom! – your playlist is saved.

You can then playback your automatically generated playlist and make edits as you choose fit.

As Vinny Coyne, the developer of Muudio, points out

With¬†, we’ve made this process as simple as touching a button. Whether you’re preparing a mix for a tough workout at the gym, or taking it easy on a lazy Sunday afternoon,Muud.iocan provide a suitable soundtrack in an instant.

Vinny also spoke to us about how the playlists are generated.

Initially, the web service obtains tag data from the API and then applies an algorithm to give each track a mood rating. Users can also submit mood ratings via the app, and these are merged with the ratings to help improve their accuracy. Being that both sources of ratings are generated by actual humans, we feel that the results are superior to other, machine-based methods.

The Verdict

This app is fantastic. If you’re a fan of the iTunes Genius feature, then you need to install on your iPhone or iPod Touch now.

Navigating the app might take a short while to get to gripes with, but once you do, you will be creating playlists left right and center to fit each and every one of your moods.

Apple should preinstall on every iPhone/iPod Touch.

Muudio is developed by App Sandwich and costs $3.99. You can download Muudio from theApp Store.



  • Brings genius-like feature to iPhone/iPod
  • Playlists are accurate and navigation is intutitve


  • Can be hard to navigate around the app
  • Would be nice to be able to share your complete playlist on FB/Twitter.