The BlueLounge Milo – A Simple, Stylish Stand for the iPhone 4

The BlueLounge Milo – A Simple, Stylish Stand for the iPhone 4

One problem I’ve always had with my iPhone is having a decent place to put it on my desk. Up until now I’ve used a charging dock however, I feel that it looks very ugly and unappealing. I did some research and I came across BlueLounge, an incredible company that deals with a lot of awesome accessories to simplify your digital life. They offer products for cable organisation, stands, charging stations and even full on furniture. Each product is beautifully designed as well as practical.

I came across one product called the Milo. At first I was intrigued to how it worked, there is no holster to slot your iPhone into, so I wondered how it could hold my device. It turns out that there is a micro-suction pad that instantly ‘grabs’ hold of your iPhone to give it a convenient home on your desk, night stand or anywhere in the house.


The Milo is beautifully designed, it has an arched base that reminds me very much of an iMac’s strong, aluminum base. It definitely makes your iPhone look very elegant when it’s seemingly levitating from the stand. The pad too is quite well designed, even though it’s meant to be more practical than attractive. It doesn’t look cheaply made and looks great even when your iPhone isn’t attached to it. The only problem I’ve found with the Milo’s design is there is no easy way to thread a power cable through like with the iMac. However, I understand that this is only a very small problem. The Milo is still an excellent product.


The Milo is great for quickly attaching your iPhone to, whether you want to watch a movie when you’re eating breakfast or you want a stand so you can run that flip-clock app to the best of it’s ability, the Milo’s got you covered. You can see how well the Milo performs below.


I am incredibly impressed with the BlueLounge Milo. It’s now a must have accessory on my desk and by my bed.  It’s an attractive, elegant stand that really reflects the beauty of the iPhone.

I am going to give the BlueLounge Milo an almost perfect 4.5/5!

You can pick up a Milo from the BlueLounge Website.



  • Beautiful, Elegant Design
  • Micro-suction Pad works extremely well
  • Very stable build, I don’t have to worry about it falling over.
  • Works with the iPhone in portrait or landscape mode.
  • Great for watching movies or playing games.


  • No place to thread a charging cable through.