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Amazing Steve Jobs Tribute Haircut Spotted At New York Apple Store

Amazing Steve Jobs Tribute Haircut Spotted At New York Apple Store

A young fellow in the iPhone 4S lineup at Apple’s Fifth Avenue store in New York displayed an awesome Steve Jobs tribute haircut that you just have to see. The image, courtesy of MacRumors forum member kfury77 is a mashup of the Apple logo and a surprisingly realistic portrait of Steve Jobs.

Apple’s well-known “Think Different” slogan is emblazoned on the other side of the head. Unfortunately, there is no word on who actually created this astounding piece of head art.

What’s most impressive overall about the image is that it’s not fake – I’m amazed at the remarkable level of detail in Steve Jobs’ face, ear, and even his glasses! Pretty amazing stuff.

*Update: The artist who did this cut has contacted me. The artists name is Johan Ruiz, and more information can be found on Ruiz’ Facebook page.

  1. That’s actually the most stupid and disturbing thing I’ve ever seen.

    1. Admin says:

      Nah, you’re just a dick.

  2. Extensor says:

    Wow Tim, I was thinking the same thing….. about you!

  3. Yajooconj says:

    Haha…Tim…you disturbs life.

  4. Melanieyo says:

    No credits for the stylist? Nice.

  5. Marcel says:

    people who judge others are often judged and dear tim you look like you use to be judged. so instead of saying things like this you ought to work on yourself

  6. Totally forgot the internet doesn’t accept opinions.

  7. innov8music says:

    Johan Ruiz and his brother visited several Apple stores in the city on Oct. 16, displaying the intricate haircut and handing out a written tribute to the founder of the Apple computer line.

    “His products without a doubt changed my every day interaction with the people and environment encompassing every aspect of my life,” Ruiz wrote. “This contribution moves past mere ‘fanboyism,’ it represents how he engraved creativity and inspiration in all our minds — that is why I engraved his image into the back of my brothers’ head.”

    More pictures can be found at his fanpage.

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