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Apple Questioning The Future Of The Mac Pro?

Apple Questioning The Future Of The Mac Pro?

Despite indications that upcoming Intel processors will soon be available for the Mac Pro, suggesting a potential early 2012 update, a new report from AppleInsider suggests that Apple is losing interest in the line, and may be questioning the future of the Mac Pro.

The Mac Pro has not been updated since 2010, which is significantly longer than a traditional Apple update cycle, and Intel chip delays have postponed possible updates even further, to late this year or early 2012.

AppleInsider suggests that Apple may not release updated models at all, however, citing sources who claim that Apple management has been questioning the Mac Pro line since May, and are hesitant to put any more resources into the line.

These sources claim that consensus among Apple sales executives is that the Mac Pro’s days are numbered, with internal discussions focusing around the fact that sales of the Mac Pro have dropped so significantly that it is no longer profitable for Apple to product the machines.

Continuing on, the report suggests that with Apple adding Thunderbolt into all existing Mac models, thereby adding expansion abilities to all current Mac hardware, these products are now capable of absorbing tasks that traditionally would only be performed using a Mac Pro.

Final points of speculation in the report suggest that Apple may offer higher-end versions of the iMac or Mac Mini to satisfy customers who would otherwise purchase a Mac Pro.

What are your thoughts? Is it time for the Mac Pro to die?