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Apple Updates 2010 iPod Nano With New 2011 Features

Apple Updates 2010 iPod Nano With New 2011 Features

Aside from releasing the impressive new iPhone 4S, Apple also released an updated iPod nano today with larger icons, enhanced fitness features, and sixteen beautiful new clock faces for the device.

In addition to the new models, Apple has also released updates to the 2010 iPod nano bringing the new 2011 features to the last-gen iPod nano. The older iPod nanos have the same form factor as the existing models, and the update is expected to make existing iPod nanos nearly identical to the new 2011 models.

From Apple’s press release announcing the new iPod nano:

iPod nano now features larger icons for even easier navigation of its intuitive Multi-Touch user interface, and you can choose from 16 new digital clock faces, ranging from classic analog looks to your favorite Disney characters including Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. iPod nano now tracks your runs and walks right out of the box with no accessory required, making it even easier to get your fitness program up and running. iPod nano can track the time, pace and distance of your run, the calories you burn, and the number of steps you walk. iPod nano encourages you with motivational real-time voice feedback during your run, available in seven languages, while listening to your favorite music or FM radio station. You can also easily upload workouts to the Nike+ website to set goals, track your progress and challenge friends.