Codify Brings Simple Touch-Based Programming To The iPad

Codify Brings Simple Touch-Based Programming To The iPad

iOS development is about to take a turn for the awesome. iOS developers TwoLivesLeft have released a new iPad app called Codify, allowing users to create their own programs right on the device using a scripting language called Lua.

The app includes various examples and assets to help you create your programs, and has been approved by Apple for inclusion in the App Store, due to Apple having relaxed their standards prohibiting such apps on the past.

Unfortunately, the app is currently limited by App Store policies preventing users from importing code to the app or from sharing their creations with friends – your code is simply stuck on your iPad. TwoLivesLeft has already submitted an update that allows sharing, but is uncertain whether or not Apple will approve the change.

If nothing else, Codify is a brilliant tool that really highlights some of the brilliant things that the iPad is capable of, and could help you learn about how to develop code, and experiment with your own apps even if you can’t export them.

Codify is available now, and costs $7.99 on the App Store ($7.99, App Store Link). Check out the embedded clip below to view TwoLivesLeft’s promo video for the app: