How To: Set Up Notification Center In iOS 5

How To: Set Up Notification Center In iOS 5

According to Apple, there are over 200 features in their newly released iOS 5 software, but one of the features which stands out the most is their new Notification Center. Replacing the previous rather annoying system of notifications, Notification Center slides down from the top of your device, and can deliver notifications without getting in your way.

Notification center certainly does look nice and represents a lot of improvements, but there are a few ways you can customize it to make it even better. iOS 5 allows you to choose which notifications are and aren’t displayed in Notification Center, and even allows you to choose the order you want things to appear in.

To set up Notification Center, head into, tap Notifications, and you’ll see a list of your apps, as well as an option to sort your apps manually, or by time.  Sorting your apps manually will let you choose the order that notifications will show up in.  In the above image, I moved the Stocks widget from the bottom of the top to illustrate.

It’s as simple as that! You can also tap on each individual app to choose whether or not you want it to show up in Notification Center at all.

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