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(Infographic) The Five Stages Of iPhone 4S Grief

(Infographic) The Five Stages Of iPhone 4S Grief

Are you disappointed that Apple didn’t release the shine new redesigned iPhone 5 you were hoping for? Are you disappointed, angry, or at a loss, feeling that Apple has betrayed you? You might be going through the five stages of iPhone 4S grief.

The best way to address your grief is to understand it and learn to accept it. A Twitter follower of mine (@SamSpratt) posted the below infographic to his account in the hopes that he might help you with what you’re going through.

Seriously though, the iPhone 4S is pretty much the same device as the iPhone 5 you expected, just a slightly different shape! In time you’ll come to forgive Apple and embrace the iPhone 4S as the incredible new product that it is.

  1. Chase Adams says:

    They did the right thing. Hardware Updates don’t constitute a new version…sub-version that mess.

    I don’t get why people a) give rumors credibility and b) buy it anyways if it’s not what they want.

    Appropriate infographic though! Nice share.

  2. Jose Perez says:

    I came to this realization as well. Looking to sell my 4 right now… lol.

  3. N Taylor750 says:

    Too many rumours & sightings of parts etc & FAR to much hype in the build up. I will get one (But need to sell my iPhone 4 for as much a possible) my biggest fear is that it takes as long to get a jailbreak for it as it did the iPad 2. The just some JB apps i cant live without (MyWi, Lockdown Pro, My3G, infinifolders etc etc)

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