iPhone 4S Pre-Orders Sell Out At All US Carriers

iPhone 4S Pre-Orders Sell Out At All US Carriers

Despite initial disappointment from some customers who were expecting a redesigned iPhone 5, the iPhone 4S has set new pre-launch sales records, and has seen incredible consumer demand far exceeding that of last year’s iPhone 4 launch.

The 4S has been so popular in pre-orders, reports Bloomberg, that all three Apple carrier partners in the US have now completely sold out of all pre-order inventory for the iPhone 4S.

While Apple’s website reflected that they had sold out of pre-order units to arrive on launch day nearly a week ago, it’s notable that all three carrier partners are now reporting the same thing.

Estimates on AT&T’s website show a 3-4 week delay for pre-orders, while Verizon reports an estimated delivery date of October 28th. Delivery estimates are not currently available for Sprint, but Bloomberg reports that Sprint pre-orders will no longer arrive on launch day either.

This is good news, as it suggests that the iPhone 4S is being adopted in a serious way by consumers, but bad news for those hoping for a quick and hassle free way to grab one of the new phones. The fastest option now is to wait in line tomorrow morning and hope Apple doesn’t run out.