iPhone 4S: Will It Blend?

iPhone 4S: Will It Blend?

Scott Dickson & Blendtec have done it again – after getting their hands on the new iPhone 4S, their primary ambition is to discover the answer to one lingering question: Will it blend?

Horrifying as it may be, it turns out that the iPhone 4S does blend quite well thanks to the Blendtec Total Blender. Perhaps he should have asked: “Siri, Will you blend?”

  1. Aiiskoplusaiist says:

    Its an iPhone 4. See the iPod app icon in the dock, ios5 on the 4S is split into Music and Videos like the iPod touch. 

    1. BlendTec Sucks says:

      Lame. Couldn’t even get a real iPhone 4s!

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