Lines Begin Forming At Apple Retail Stores

Lines Begin Forming At Apple Retail Stores

Although a few enthusiastic Apple fans have been camping out for the iPhone 4S for a while now, the lines are now beginning to form in a much more significant manner at Apple Retail Stores as eager fans await the opportunity to purchase Apple’s next iPhone.

MacRumors has collected photos from the Covent Garden and Regent Street Apple Stores in London showing what the lines look like as of now. Be prepared, folks – these lines are only going to get longer!

Are any of you getting ready to line up, or have you seen significant lines beginning to form near your local Apple Stores? Let us know!

  1. That’s nuts. I understand if they are owners of the 3GS and below but if they’ve an iPhone 4, that’s dumb. Sure, it’s faster and has a ridiculous camera but I wouldn’t wait in line for that. I’m happy with my 4 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    lol I pre-ordered, mine is on its way to me, no line to stand in

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