Review: Cro-Mag Rally For iOS – Mario Kart With A Twist

Review: Cro-Mag Rally For iOS – Mario Kart With A Twist

When I first heard that Cro-Mag Rally, the incredibly fun prehistoric car racing game, was on iOS, I was curious. How had Pangea Software fared in transitioning the game which I had spent so many hours playing on the original iMac G3? Sort of worried that they might have ruined what was a brilliant desktop game, I downloaded it and was in fact pleasantly surprised.

Cro Mag for iOS

You only have to wait a few seconds for the traditional Cro-Mag rally theme tune. You’re right in there straight away with practically no loading time. You then see the menu. The game features both single and multiplayer game modes. In the single player, you can participate in two different types of race. The first is your standard race, first to the finish wins. You can pick up various items along the way (bones, ice blocks etc…) to frustrate and hit any drivers in front of you, Mario Kart style. The second however is called Gather. Here you are required to pick up giant floating spearheads along the way. There are eight in all and if you fail to pick them all up, you don’t win, even if you finish first. This can be quite infuriating, but addictive at the same time.

Cro-Mag Rally on iOS has recently integrated a new multiplayer mode into the game. You can challenge your friends on other iOS devices, largely thanks to the complete and seamless integration of Game Center into the game. Another subtle but very useful feature is the ability to plug your iPad into your TV to show off your Cro-Mag skills. All you do is toggle a setting and you can show the race in spectator mode on the big screen.

Cro-Mag for iOS

Arguably the most important aspect of a game is graphics, and Cro-Mag Rally delivers here as well. The graphics are great, and the surrounding landscape is full of detail. Having said that, they are not the absolute best they could possibly be, and when you compare it to another car game with high-end graphics such as Real Racer 2, Cro-Mag lacks that edge. The other negative that holds this game back is the lack of different characters you can be. You have the choice of two: Brog and Grag (male and female). This is not like Mario Kart where you find a large selection of different characters, even though you do get a lot of choice when it comes down to choosing you car.

Cro-Mag Rally for iOS is surprisingly good. If you are tired of your normal racing game, or wondering why on earth Nintendo have not released Mario Kart on iOS, this is the perfect app for you. What’s more it really is for all ages and offers bags of fun for anyone. The new multiplayer mode adds a new dimension to the game, and this is complemented beautifully with seamless Game Center integration. Settings are also customizable, with a great spectator feature where you can show off your driving talents. Furthermore at only £2.49 it is a real bargain compared to other racing games. It is a unique game, and if Mario Kart was on iOS, it would give it a serious run for its money. Could not recommend it more.

Rating: [rating:4.5]


  • Originality sets it a part from other racing games
  • New multiplayer mode really well integrated
  • Solid graphics and a large selection of cars
  • Great value for money


  • Lack of characters to play as
This review was contributed by Henry Taylor-Gill.