Review: Juan Valdez ColcaSac MacBook Pro 15″ Sleeve

Review: Juan Valdez ColcaSac MacBook Pro 15″ Sleeve

Over the time I’ve had my current MacBook Pro and my older one, I’ve gone¬† through a number of different sleeves and shoulder bags.¬† Most of them have been alright at first, but once you use them for a while they get banged up and tear from all the use. A few days ago I received a MacBook Pro sleeve, more specific The Juan Valdez, from ColcaSac. Now that I finally tried a fabric sleeve, in this case, burlap, I’m never looking back.


ColcaSac takes great pride in their products and it shows in every aspect starting with their packaging. I love the packaging that they use for their sleeves. It’s something you wouldn’t expect as packaging for a MacBook Pro sleeve. The packaging in the other sleeves I have purchased was just regular plastic or cardboard. With ColacSac, since their going for the whole organic feel, the packaging fits really well with all their products.

The sleeve itself looks great. My MacBook Pro fitted perfectly in the sleeve. When I was carrying it around I felt confident that it would be safe in the sleeve if I accidentally were to bump it or hit it against something. Unlike other sleeves I had in the past, which were a little more thick and bulky to protect the MacBook, the Juan Valdez sleeve is thin, yet it’s just as protective, if not more. The wool in the sleeve gives the MacBook a sort of cushion and since its tightly fit, it’s not moving about one bit in the sleeve.


The front pocket on the sleeve is convenient for any accessory you may have for a MacBook, but it’s main purpose is for the charger. A lot of people say that the charger doesn’t fit well inside the pocket. You may have to stuff it inside for it to fit and it will make the sleeve look bulky. The past few days I’ve been using the Juan Valdez sleeve, I’ve put the charger inside the pocket, then I put the sleeve in a laptop bag when I was commuting. When you have the charger in the pocket, it’s not meant to put in a laptop bag. I’ve been carrying the sleeve by itself with the MacBook and the charger, and of course that works fine. What I’ve tried int the past day or so is to disconnect the AC cord and the adapter and put them in the pocket separately, they’ll fit just fine, and you’ll have a little more room in the pocket.


Another thing that really stands out about the ColcaSac is that the burlap is made from coffee bags repurposed for the MacBook. The burlap also comes from designs and logos from original coffee bags, so every Juan Valdez ColcaSac has a different design and logo. If you’re looking for a sleeve for your MacBook and something different than you’ve already had, then check out the Juan Valdez MacBook sleeve. The wool inside provides great protection, in my opinion probably the the best out there. If you’re looking for a solid sleeve for your MacBook, don’t look any further. This is one you wouldn’t want to pass up.

The Juan Valdez ColcaSac sleeve (direct link) can be found on their site for $65.00.