Review: Putter King-Can You Be The King Of The Course?

Review: Putter King-Can You Be The King Of The Course?

There are a ton of mini golf/putting games on the App Store, but Putter King ($0.99, App Store Link) sets to reign supreme. Putter King, developed by Putter King LLC, is an excellent new putting game to pass the time and play a quick nine holes. It’s a pretty challenging game, even if you play mini golf games often. In Putter King, your goal is to help Putty unlock the holes he needs to complete to be crowned Putter King. There are holes all around the world from China to Japan. There’s also 4 game modes in Putter King, so there’s a bit of replay value within the game.


Putter King is a very well made and polished game. It shines in many areas, but in others it falters just a bit. There are four characters to choose from. They’re not different in any way besides their appearance.  They even have the same characteristics and the same strengths and weaknesses. So, to say the least, this game has little focus on the characters. The meter you use during the game to putt your ball can be sensitive at times, especially depending on the hole that you’re on. I noticed I was putting just as hard or soft on some holes and the ball would travel further or shorter randomly just a few times.

Other than that, it seemed pretty on par (no pun intended) to how it should react realistically. In Putter King there are 24 different holes from all over the world. It’s a good selection of holes. There’s a lot of variety and the game switches it up a bit no matter what mode you’re playing in. Like I stated earlier, it’s a pretty challenging game. You can’t change the difficulty, but once you pick it up and get used to the difficulty, it won’t be so frustrating. There are four game modes in Putter King including Championship, Time Trial, Multiplayer, and Practice. The multiplayer in the game isn’t online, which I though it would. You just take your turn and hand off the game to the next player.


The graphics look spot on for a putting game. It’s not a golf sim, so it doesn’t have to look too realistic. There is some clipping with the characters, but it’s nothing too serious to effect your game or the outcome of it. The camera can become a problem at times. Your view may be obstructed. The only way I was able to solve this issue was to move the camera overhead so you can see where you and the ball are on the hole. It only happens rarely on a few holes, so it’s nothing too big to change the outcome of your score. The graphics are high def, but from the looks of it they don’t seem to take full advantage of the retina display. Hopefully this will change in a future update.


The sound is pretty good in Putter King. The game has a professionally composed soundtrack. The soundtrack sounds fine and it fits well with each hole that you’re on. That being said, if you stay on one hole long enough, you might get tired of the music. It seems to loop every 30 seconds or so. It’s not too much of a deal though because you can always put the music on silent. The background and sound effects seem just right for a putting game, which mostly consist of cheers from the crowd and the ball being hit.


Putter King is a solid putting game. It has plenty to offer and the variety of holes from around the world are a nice theme that they have built into the game. It is a little harder, but that makes it that much more fun to play. The four characters are a decent selection. It would have been nice if you were able to change their costumes or add some kind of experience points to them, the more you achieve. Putter King is still a fun putting/mini golf game and a good time waster. Most other putting games are fairly easy in terms of difficulty. If you prefer a more challenging, yet still casual putting game, check out Putter King.

Price: $0.99 (App Store Link)

Rating: 3.5/5[rating:3.5]


  • 24 different holes
  • 4 different game modes
  • Realistic Physics


  • No online multiplayer
  • Characters can be more animated and editable