Cluzee for Android vs. Siri (Video)

Cluzee for Android vs. Siri (Video)

Ever since Apple unveiled their Siri digital assistant feature, it seems that everyone is rushing to compete or compare their own offerings with Siri. We’ve already seen how Windows Phone 7’s TellMe holds up against Siri (hint: it doesn’t), and now Phil Nickinson over at Android Central takes a look at Cluzee, Android’s newest virtual assistant/Siri competitor, to see if it can do any better.

As you might expect, it really doesn’t stack up very well at all. Considering that Siri was developed and refined over more than four years (Siri’s origin company was formed in 2007), it’s really not shocking that newer, less-developed technologies don’t compete well.

Nickinson noted that Cluzee falls short of Siri in a variety of ways: It’s slow to launch, it crashes a lot, it’s not very accurate, and it’s not very quick to respond.

But don’t take my (or Phil Nickinson’s) word for it – see for yourself by watching Phil Nickinson’s video demonstration below:

  1. R. Humphreys says:

    Cool thing to see Google do. They’ll probably be way better at this then Apple in a short amount of time, since they have millions over hours over Google Phone conversations in there archives to analyze, something Apple doesn’t have. So give them a chance to catch up to Apple once again, but this won’t go away just yet after the response Siri got.

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