Apple Wins HTC Lawsuit, Found Not to Infringe S3 Patents

Apple Wins HTC Lawsuit, Found Not to Infringe S3 Patents

The U.S. International Trade Commission has dismissed graphics firm S3’s complaint against Apple, stating that “no violation” was shown and that none of the S3 patents were relevant to iOS devices, reports FOSS Patents. The patents were regarding data compression and decompression for transmission.

Mac OS X did, however, infringe one of the four patents regarding an image compression technique. S3 was recently bought by HTC in an attempt to escape the lawsuit that Apple launched against them regarding their use of Android.

Everybody is suing everybody in the technology industry, and it’s all pretty mad. The fact of the matter is that Android was released in 2008, the iPhone was released in 2007, and so to me it’s fairly obvious who’s copying who. Unless they could fast forward time, there is no way that Apple could have copied Android. It’s obvious that Google stole the ideas from Apple.


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