Create a Shopping List Using Siri & Reminders

Create a Shopping List Using Siri & Reminders

Looking for an interesting new way to keep your shopping list up-to-date? TUAW shares an interesting way to create a shopping list using Siri and the iOS 5 Reminders app.

To make this work, open up the Reminders app, and create a new list (by tapping the Lists button in the upper left-hand corner). Next, tap Edit, and create a new list titled “Groceries,” then tap Done.

Now you can use Siri to refer to the list you just created. Just say “Siri, add pie to my shopping list” (or anything else you’d like top add). Siri will confirm that you want to add pie to your list – just say yes, and Siri will now add it for you.

Seriously cool stuff – you can check items off the list as you shop, and if your significant other calls you and asks you to pick up something else, just tell Siri – she’ll make sure it gets on your list.