Developers Still Prefer iOS Over Android

Developers Still Prefer iOS Over Android

Despite the release of interesting new Android tablets such as the Amazon Kindle Fire peaking developer interest, iOS still remains the platform of choice among mobile developers.

The Loop reports on data compiled by Appcelerator and IDC, in which 2,160 developers were polled regarding which device and platform they prefer to develop apps for. 91% of respondents said they were most interested in the iPhone, with the iPad coming in at 88 percent.

83% of developers also said they were interested in developing for Android, down four percent since last year, which the report suggests is due to the release of iOS 5 and the iPhone 4S. Meanwhile, only 49% of developers showed any interest in developing apps for the new Kindle Fire.

This actually isn’t at all surprising to me. Numerous studies have shown that iOS users buy more apps, and pay more for their apps than Android users, who tend to use mainly free apps. The number one reason developers cited for not developing for the Kindle Fire? Android fragmentation.

  1. Anonymous says:

    “iOS still remains the number one choice for the vast majority of mobile developers”
    “83% of developers also said they were interested in developing for Android”

    Vast majority? Less than 10% more?

    In other news, Android continues to outsell Apple in smartphone sales. 

    1. Lee Turley says:

      In other news Apple takes nearly 50% of the profit from the mobile industry, other Android manufacturers scrap over the remaining revenue…

      Android phones are old and superseded after 3 months and are lucky to get updates after a year, at least with an iPhone you know you have at least a year before a new one comes out !

      And I own an Android phone 🙁

  2. blue5ft3 says:

    I’m wondering what they will do now with Flash being abandoned by Adobe, they will support releases until now but develop no more, moving to html5..

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