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iOS 5.1 Beta Still Fails to Resolve Battery Life Issues

iOS 5.1 Beta Still Fails to Resolve Battery Life Issues

Early responses from developers testing Apple’s new iOS 5.1 beta (released to developers on Monday) suggest that the update still hasn’t managed to resolve the battery life issues seen by many iOS 5 users, reports CNet.

AppAdvice and Redmond Pie have both been hearing from users that battery life hasn’t improved since installing the new beta, with many becoming increasingly discouraged, and settling into the idea that they may just have to get used to the issues.

In my own experience with the 5.1 beta, I haven’t seen any significant improvements either – in fact my battery drain seems to have gotten worse if anything.

Fortunately, the update does appear to be helping for some users, as some commenter in the MacRumors forums claim to have noticed a significant improvement, suggesting that Apple is indeed making progress on the issue.

Considering that this is the first beta version of iOS 5.1, the fact that it seems to be helping any users at all should be considered good news, and Apple will continue to work on improving the update before its public release.

  1. Bryant Plano says:

    So what was that about Apple having the best battery life out of anybody…? 

    It may be advertised as the best… but that doesn’t mean it’s practically the best. 🙁

  2. FleaAFC says:

    I charged my iPhone 3Gs three time today!

  3. aik•wae says:

    apple team surely has difficulty on ios5 since it totally diff wid previous one, especially on “multitasking”

  4. I have a question about Reminders: if you set location-based reminders, the only way for them to work, is to have the GPS tracking enabled 24/7/365. If disable the service from Settings, they just wont work. So if you want to have location-based reminders you are doomed with an ~8-12 hour battery life after a full charge?

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